The Embassy

Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Time: 8:45 PM
Location: Belgian Embassy
Mike Merrill (paying)
Josh Berezin
Marcus Estes

58/1000 Goliath
ME: All of our beers are Belgian, so the things we’ll say about all of them: There’s a heavy load of wheat. A grain. All these beers have that in common. They ferment in a way that makes me think, “This beer
has gone bad.”
MM: When I smell this, I’m reminded of cream of wheat, actually.
JB: I sort of think of this as a milder, summer Belgian.
ME: When you associate seasons with a beer — when you say it’s a “summer beer,” that basically means you could drink a shitload of it, right?
JB: Yeah! Versus a winter beer, which is going to be thick, dark, a bit fruity, high alcohol content, something that warms you…
ME: When summer comes, my mores associated with beer totally change. It’s 6:30? I’m drunk already.
JB: Anything else we want to say?
ME: It’s a Trippel, she says. I don’t know what that means. It’s a cultural thing.
MM: And there are the monks. The trappist monks. I want to make a list of all the foods that are made by religious organizations.
59/1000 Nostradamus
JB: This is like the most delicious candy I’ve ever had. Which isn’t to say it’s really sweet… it just gives up all its flavor immediately, and then it goes away.
ME: If it were a candy, it would be like a Wurther’s, something your grandpa had. Where you’re like, “They still make these, I thought they stopped after World War 2.” I think of caramel.
JB: So when we get a caramel taste out of this, it probably actually has caramelized sugars in it. Sugars that have been cooked and caramelized.
ME: Oh, very literal. That makes sense, though.
MM: I like this because there’s still a lightness to it. This flavor I mostly associate with heavier, darker beers. But in this, it stays light. I would order this again.
JB: In a second! This is a new favorite, without question.
60/1000: Cantillon Kriek Rose de Gambrinus
JB: Mike, you should have the first drink of this.
MM: Oh, man, immediately the smell makes me think that you are going to hate this beer.
JB: I ordered it for you. I know you’re going to like this sour beer.
MM: This is a bit more drinkable than the last lambics we had.
ME: There is a definite sour patch kid taste to this. There is a range of tastes that are just supposed to be bad.
JB: Most of those that we think of are bitter. But we’ve totally gotten beyond that, we’re comfortable drinking bitter things. Sour is sort of uncharted country.
ME: Somehow biologically, these flavors are a warning, and we have to get beyond that reaction to enjoy it.
JB: Bitter things are often poison, and sour things are not ready to eat yet. Like unripe berries.
ME: This flavor does have a lot in common with unripe berries.
MM: When I was a kid, we’d pick blueberries whether they were ready or yet, and we’d eat them. And I loved that! Maybe this is related to why I like these sour beers.
940 to go!

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