I Don’t See Race

Date: February 7, 2009
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Mike’s house
Mike Merrill
Josh Berezin

JB: More and more of these are going to be located at “Mike’s House” now that the beer store is next door.
MM: We’ll do some in different rooms, and then we can label them differently.
JB: Okay, what are we drinking?
78/1000: Lagunitas Pils, Petaluma, California
MM: I really like the “net contents” of this beer, which I assume is like the ingredients. Twelve fluid ounces of malt, hops, yeast, and water.
JB: Nothing that doesn’t belong.
MM: Right, it’s kind of what you want in there. Do they do that on other beers? Hmm, we’ll get to that, I guess.
JB: Well, we got this because we had kolsch earlier in the day, but the beer store didn’t have any for us to blog, because it’s really not the season for kolsch. This does the trick, though.
MM: It’s more of that Euro-style “crappy” beer. Like it has something in common with Heineken. It’s not as bad as Heineken, but it belongs to the same genre. It’s funny to me that no one does a micro-brew in the style of Corona, for instance. Being in Germany recently, I had some pretty bad beer, that felt related to this.
JB: But you like this, yeah?
MM: I’m glad I got the whole six-pack of it, I’ll enjoy it. Sometimes I feel that the fact that I prefer a kolsch, or this Czech-style pilsner, means I’m sort of a beer baby.
JB: Well it’s not about toughing out beers you don’t like, it’s about finding what you like.
MM: But you should eventually find yourself enjoying beers that you didn’t enjoy when you started.
JB: We’re only at 78.
MM: I’ve been drinking beers since 1998, though. When did you start?
JB: Just about the same time. I didn’t like most beers when I was a college kid.
MM: I could drink when I was 19, because I was in Germany, but I didn’t like beer when I was there.
JB: Let’s talk about this beer. It’s more bitter, less fruity, and heavier than the kolsch we had earlier.
MM: But I would never describe it as bitter.
JB: Because this is a pilsner, I expected it to be even lighter. I’m glad it’s not. I didn’t want a Budweiser.
MM: Budweiser is what ruins the name “pilsner.”
79/1000 Laughing Buddha Pandan Brown Ale, Seattle, Washington
JB: Of all the Pandan beers I’ve had, this is my favorite.
MM: It says it has the aroma of “pandan leaf” and a “palm sugar” finish. We were talking about the net contents of the Lagunitas… This one says “malt beverage with pandan leaf added.”
JB: That doesn’t really clarify it for me.
MM: I want to point out how incredibly pleased I am that their logo, while being a Buddha, does not show the smiling face or giant belly of the traditional Buddha. With the name of “Laughing Buddha,” you would expect the logo to be so ugly.
JB: They were pretty restrained and graphic.
MM: They’re trying to be kind of classy, with their mildly Asian font.
JB: Now, you’ve had this before.
MM: I drank it with Thai food, and then with The Biggest Loser. Great television program.
JB: You were telling me it went better with the Thai food.
MM: Drinking it alone — well, not alone, with the Biggest Loser, and Willow — it was kind of overpowering.
MM: It tastes more like a porter than a brown ale. It has the earthiness —
JB: I don’t agree. It has the thinness of a brown ale, versus the thickness of a porter.
MM: You can smell that pandan leaf.
JB: You really can. You can tell it’s not beer, but I couldn’t identify that. It’s musty.
MM: It’s tobacco-y. It reminds me of the cigar I smoked last night. It might be good with a cigar, really.
JB: I’m bored by this beer.
MM: It’s not different enough to be interesting and it’s not good enough to justify its existence?
JB: Yeah, that’s not far from the truth. I could sit around and drink it. And I see it being perfect with certain foods.
MM: Like Thai.
JB: I don’t know, I don’t like Thai.
MM: You don’t like Thai, or you don’t like Portland Thai?
JB: No, I love Thai food. I just don’t ever want it here.
MM: Because you think all of Portland Thai food is bad.
JB: Yeah, it’s bad… it’s generic, really. It doesn’t vary from place to place, and it must be really cheap to make. I think they sprout up all over the place because everyone goes for Thai, and they make bank on it. It’s a scam. It’s equivalent to fast food. This discussion is about Thai food now.
MM: I drank it with Thai before, it’s my fault. We didn’t try to match up the Asian-style font with the food when we had it.
JB: You’re color-blind, you’re saying.
MM: I don’t see race.
JB: We’ve had a hard time staying on the topic. Maybe my “bored” comment before means something. We haven’t found the beer interesting enough to talk about.
MM: But I can smell that pandan leaf.

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