I am drinking beer. I like it!

Date: April 5, 2009
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Jona’s house
Mike Merrill
Josh Berezin
Jona Bechtolt

[An Xbox 360 is on in front of the drinkers.]
Jona: Mike, let’s play.
Mike: We have to drink beer.
Jona: I am drinking beer. I like it!
88/1000: Ninkasi Spring Reign Ale
Josh: This a spring seasonal? I always think it’s going to be a brewery’s excuse to brew a light beer. But this is far more flavorful. What do you think, can you taste it?
Mike: I can taste more of it than I could yesterday. It’s bright.
Josh: It’s hoppy, it’s bitter. That’s what I’m more surprised about.
Mike: I think I’m missing the hoppiness. I can’t taste it.
Josh: I wonder if there are specific beers designed for you to drink while you’re sick.
Mike: They should make a beer with a decongestant in it.
Josh: Then they would be regulated by yet another agency.
Mike: Doctors could prescribe it.
Josh: I don’t think I’d go around suggesting this to people expecting a spring beer. I like it —
Mike: You don’t think it’s a session beer?
Josh: I get why they think of it as a spring beer, but it’s going against expectations. It’s refreshing, but it’s also more intense than what you’d usually get in spring.
89/1000: Bear Republic XP Pale Ale
Josh: Did you like the Bear Republic 95 Pale Ale?
Mike: I liked the Me edition.
Josh: Bear Republic CE, anyone?
Mike: Then you could take it with you.
Jona: I like it. It’s very good. The aftertaste isn’t annoying, like a lot of beers. It’s fizzier than the other beer, too.
Josh: It doesn’t have hardly any aftertaste. It’s got a round toasty flavor. More malt, really. I’d also say, not pale. In color or flavor.
Mike: It does say “Golden colored ale.”
Josh: They’re trying to reinterpret, then.
Mike: [reading the bottle] They also want us to come visit them.
Josh: I’d be happy to.

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