I Hate a Lot About This

Date: August 18, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Mike and Willow’s house
Mike Merrill (MM)
Josh Berezin (JB)
Jona Bechtolt (Jona)

90/1000: Terminal Gravity ESG
JB: Mike, we’ve been drinking this all summer.
MM: We were going to call it the “official beer of the summer.”
JB: Can we even do that any more? It’s too late.
MM: Steve has been calling it that.
Jona: Our summer is going to run into October.
JB: So, let’s do it. Beer of the summer.
Jona: I haven’t had it all summer, but I’ve had it before.
JB: I don’t want to claim that I “discovered” this beer, but I discovered this beer when I went out to Wallowa County in June. Everyone has it on tap out there.
Jona: I tend to buy beer based on its graphic design.
MM: Would this one pass?
Jona: No, it looks like a baseball team.
MM: It should be called “ASG” for “Awesome Summer Golden.” Then it wouldn’t get confused with ESB.
JB: Why do you like this beer?
MM: I like that you can drink a lot of it. It doesn’t come on too strong, it’s not bitter, but it still has a distinct and good flavor.
JB: That’s the whole story. It’s really drinkable, but it’s not thin. Instead, it’s delicious.
91/1000: Full Sail Session Black
MM: It’s a premium dark lager.
JB: Like Negra Modelo? I don’t even know what that is.
MM: It tastes like barbecue.
JB: Like barbecue sauce.
Jona: I just ate some barbecue sauce, so I couldn’t really tell.
JB: You know how barbecue sauces have chocolate or coffee in them? This has that same vibe.
MM: Wasn’t the original Session supposed to be a limited-time thing?
JB: Yeah, but it was really popular, and they kept doing it. So, do you think this is a “Session”?
MM: No, not really. It’s not thick and chewy like a porter, even though it’s dark.
JB: I wouldn’t want to drink, like four of these.
MM: That seems like a problem, since it’s called Session. Good, but not great.
JB: I won’t get this instead of a 12 of Sessions. Those are so perfect.

MM: Can we do a little aside?
JB: …
MM: I’m sorry about all the wine I’ve been drinking. I sometimes feel that it’s better than beer.
Jona: It’s better.
JB: Mike, why are you drinking wine?
MM: I don’t think one should have to defend one’s love of a fine beverage.

92/1000: Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer
JB: I hate a lot about this before we start drinking it.
MM: It’s from the Twenty-first Amendment Brewery.
JB: Watermelon? Is it supposed to taste like watermelon?
MM: “Wheat beer, fermented with watermelon, with added watermelon juice.”
Jona: That sounds good.
JB: I …
Jona: You’re grossed out by it.
JB: Mike, why did you give me such a big one?
MM: You’re really going to like it.
JB: The watermelon isn’t overpowering. It’s way back there, it’s the watermelon flavor of Jolly Rancher, but none of the sweetness.
MM: It’s a true watermelon taste, not artificial.
JB: Really?
MM: But I see what you mean by Jolly Rancher. But really none of the sweetness.
JB: It’s mostly aftertaste. It’s normal until it’s out of your mouth.
MM: I really like this.
Jona: Me too!
MM: It’s a weird beer that tastes good.
JB: So, you’d get it again?
MM: Yeah! I bought this six-pack and was excited to share it with you.
JB: What’s it for? I don’t understand!
MM: Mike, the guy at the beer store, said he likes it, but just one at a time.
JB: As I continue to drink this, the aftertaste seems to ramp up, and get more badder.
Jona: It’s like sangria or something.
Mike: If you had to Netflix-star rate this, what would you give it?
JB: One or two. I haven’t decided.
Jona: “Hate it”?
Mike: It’s still beer.
JB: Yeah, but remember that Pandan beer? That was bad. You know, it’s not even just the flavor. It’s a lack of comprehension. I don’t understand why.

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2 Responses to I Hate a Lot About This

  1. Nicole says:

    We tried to drink 21st ammendment beer this summer in AK, as glass recycling has gone the way of Sarah Palin, ironically enough. It’s really just crappy beer with a superiority complex. you are absolutley right, hate it-but its still beer

  2. I like that watermelon beer! But think I agree with beer store Mike. One at a time.
    Jona should be told about the beer graphic design rule. Worse looking/better tasting. Good graphic design means not enough time refining and tasting for small breweries.
    Lastly, why did Mike bring up his wine drinking…apologize…and then rescind. Wine drinking shouldn’t be on this blog at all for one thing, unless it is to compare tastes. Also, beer is superior to wine in EVERY way. I like wine OK, but it’s 100x less awesome and fun and cool than beer. TAKE YOUR WINE TALK TO 1000 WINES!

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