I Love This

Date: August 22, 2009
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Green Dragon
Mike Merrill (MM)
Josh Berezin (JB)

oskarblues-scottish.jpgWe drank this too fast to get a picture…
92/1000: HUB Cascadian Dark
JB: I love this! And our fries just came!
MM: It’s very hoppy.
JB: Is it?
MM: Isn’t it?
JB: It is hoppy, but no way would I say very hoppy. Hoppy for a dark beer, too. But that’s what makes it work well, that it’s not a bitter, thin, beer. It’s mild and round for being hoppy.
MM: It has that stickiness that a hoppy beer has.
JB: I think we usually call it resiny. I don’t want to obsess about whether it’s hoppy. I think it has so many other great things going on that I’d rather talk about.
MM: What’s a dark beer that’s like this?
JB: I’ve been drinking light-colored beers all summer. I don’t even remember.
MM: I think if I blind-tasted this, I would assume it was a much brighter color.
JB: I’m going to close my eyes and drink it. [drinks] I might think red.
MM: Oh, yeah. There’s that iron flavor in there. Have you been over there, to HUB?
JB: Yeah, I kind of hate it.
MM: Bad bike parking, huh?
JB: It was a while ago, maybe they fixed that. But they have that big “bike art” thing over the bar, and then shitty bike parking? And they’re on Powell?
MM: Don’t hype it as bikey?
JB: And they have bad pizza.
MM: I was surprised they weren’t more like Green Dragon, from what I’d read about them being hard core beer nerds.
JB: Despite having nearly no bike parking, this place feels very bike-friendly. All that aside…
MM: They make good beer.
JB: I haven’t been 100% blown away, but a few have been rock star. This among them.
MM: But I think we should have done these in the opposite order.
93/1000: Oskar Blues Scottish
MM: This is sweet. Especially after the HUB. It’s nothing like that beer, except in color.
JB: I think of this as late fall.
MM: I was thinking winter beer, but you want it at this not-too-cold temperature…
JB: Winter is heavier for me. This is a middleweight. Sweet is right, though.
MM: It has an oiliness, like a porter.
JB: Fades against my Caesar salad, though. I can hardly taste it. I’m not sure I’d return to this. I’m trying to picture when I’d serve it. Maybe for a lady? On a cold fall day?
MM: That’s the picture that I’m getting. You’re inside, and it’s nice, and it’s cold and miserable outside. And you don’t want tea or a hot chocolate.
JB: I don’t mean to bring the sexism here, but broadly based on my experience with taste, beer, and gender…
MM: Have we done an Oskar Blues before?
JB: They do cans. We’ve had Dale’s Pale. Oh, and we had Gordon, and we kind of hated it. Gold medal, 2008 World Beer Championships.
MM: I’d be surprised if this won any awards. Not that it’s bad! But I think those competitions reward very remarkable beers. This beer seems like one that will quickly fade from our memories.

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