Will you ever drink this beer again?

Date: August 18, 2011
Location: Saraveza
Present: Josh Berezin, Mike Merrill


JB: Ooh, they have Racer X on tap today. Oh, wait, it’s “Racer IV” from Bear Republic. It’s an IPA. I won’t get that, cause you won’t like it.
MM: What is with the obsession with hops?
JB: It’s not an obsession!
MM What is it, then?
JB: It’s a preference.
MM: No,  it’s a macho beer maker bullshit thing. It’s like how big your balls are.
JB: IPA is a pretty mainstream style of beer.
MM: I agree, and there are some that I like, but the trend and obsession is with pushing that. To the undrinkable.
JB: Okay, for instance, the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA is undrinkable and that’s a pretty high profile beer.
MM: Is there a 60- and a 90-minute?
JB: Yes, and the 60-minute is amazing.
MM: And the 90?
JB: The 90 is an adventure. It’s not undrinkable. Well, now I have to order this IPA.
MM: And I also know what I’m getting.
JB: Oh, you’re getting the Lambic! Your sour obsession. This actually qualifies more as an obsession.
MM: But it is not the prevalent trend. It is more of a fad.

99/1000: Racer IV from Bear Republic

MM: Have we done this one before?
JB: No, why do you ask?
MM: Well, it tastes and smells familiar. This is good, though.
JB: So, what are we supposed to say about this? Notes of leather and burnt wood?
MM: “Fenty.” I feel like this a solidly unremarkable beer.
JB: I was going to say something along the same lines. That it was a good drinker’s drinking beer.
MM: Though I do have this thing with IPAs where I think a pint is too much. By the end, I’m not interested any more. I like a glass of beer.
JB: Well, luckily you’re splitting this one with me.

100/1000: Brouwerij Keersmaeker “Mort Subite Blanche” White Lambic

MM: Let’s switch gears. Well. What a ridiculous glass for beer.
JB: Allow me to sip from this vessel.
MM: In a room full of beards and plaid shirts, don’t serve my beer in a wine glass even if that’s the appropriate way.
JB: I’ll hold it by the stem.
MM: Yeah, don’t warm it up.
JB: Wow. It has all the indicators of a sweet candy but then it has no sweetness when you drink it.
MM: Quaker peaches and cream oatmeal is the smell. But then it’s empty… You think it’s going to get more intense then it fades. That makes it better, actually. If it got sweeter, it wouldn’t be good. And the finish at the very end is woody, oaky, dry. It’s not sweet at all.
JB: But it’s not dry, exactly. Not like a wine is dry.
MM: The finish is almost flavorless.
JB: I don’t understand this beer. I don’t know what it’s for.
MM: I feel like you’ve said that before about lambics, but in this case I agree with you.
JB: With other Lambics, I’m starting to understand. They’re for savoring. But this isn’t.
MM: I could see this being good wth tobacco. With a cigar.

101/1000: Deschutes XXIII Double Anniversary Porter

MM: I can’t believe that this was the style of beer that turned me on to beer.
JB: This is intense beer.
MM: Yeah. I don’t like the aftertaste at all.
JB. Really high alcohol. Sweet. Caramel. Chalky.
MM: But the finish tastes like gasoline.  It would be funny to buy a round for everyone of a beer that everyone wouldn’t like. Not that this beer is that.  But you go in and buy a round, you don’t expect it to be the Double Anniversary Porter.

JB: Will you ever drink this beer again?
MM: No, but it makes me want to try the regular Deschutes Porter again.
JB: I’ve had it recently, It’s totally different from this. It’s nowhere near as sweet.
MM: I wonder why they did that.

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