jury duty part 2

Just before the lunch break, Barb announced that all but 45 of the potential jurors could go home for the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the go-home selection, and was told to be back at the courthouse at 1:30. That’s okay though, because I was excited to have a typical downtown lunch break experience, so I met up with my friend Savannah for a power lunch at Half and Half. From there we took a quick bike ride along the water front, and for a moment I could almost imagine myself having an office job and this being my daily routine… standing in line with the other lunch-rush patrons, fighting for sidewalk space with the lunch-time joggers, and having that dreadful count down in the back of your head reminding you that you will soon have to leave the sunshine and re-enter the world of fluorescent lighting.
Back in the juror’s waiting room, an announcement was made that a grand jury was about to be selected. I put on my game-face; ready to make it clear that I was the last person in the room they would want on a grand jury (which usually take a month), but luckily my name was not called. Now I’m sitting here waiting once again, back on the internet reading about Blosting. Urban Honking is such a nice accompaniment to Jury Duty. Wait a minute; Barb is making an announcement… “Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like there will be no more trials today, so you are all free to go home.” Fuckin’ A Bubba, I have done my civic duty…

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  1. willow says:

    You are a model citizen, Matt! Way to do your duty!

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