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picts from global warming psa shoot

I promise this will all make sense when we are finished editing and have the green screen stuff replaced with the proper footage, but here are some pictures from last week’s shoot for some MTV Global Warming public service announcements … Continue reading

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get off my lawn you orange clad hippies

so you could wait a couple weeks and watch the new Shins video on MTV, but all the cool kids are watching it here. directors are supposed to do a lot of pointing

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dont fuck with my posse

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YACHT music video shoot

I guess I was busy “directing” so I didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures, but here are a couple fun ones from today’s YACHT music video shoot. We will all be collectively putting pictures up on flickr … Continue reading

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The PDX Film Fest!!!!!!

The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival (PDX for short) is just around the corner and I am pretty excited about it. I am excited about the films, the videos, the installations, the visiting artists, and the special events, but … Continue reading

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