This is the blog of Matt McCormick (me).  I am a filmmaker and artist living in Portland, Oregon.  Some of my films include The Great Northwest, The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal, and  Some Days are Better Than Others, and I am the founder of the video label Peripheral Produce and the now defunct PDX Film Festival.  You can see clips and find more information about my work at www.rodeofilmco.com.

This blog started in the spring of 2006 and chronicles many projects, trips, and other goofy adventures.  It is part of Urban Honking, a radical internet community started in Portland by Mike Merrill, Steve Schroeder, and Jona Bechtolt, and you can learn more about it here.

Like all blogs, Action Items is in reverse order, so if you want to read things chronologically you will have to go to the very beginning and move forward.  I might suggest you check out my WENDOVER REPORTS, which chronicle my time spent at the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s Wendover artist residency, or my various GHOST TOWN ADVENTURES where I seek out forgotten corners of Western America to exploit with my 16mm Bolex.

Thanks for stopping by,
Matt McCormick
of Portland, Oregon

Matt McCormick


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