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Hi (nose / ears)

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best of 2007

i was excited that the fine folks over at the Portland art blog PORT asked me to do a ‘best of’ list for 2007, but after seeing what the other people listed i feel like my list is a little … Continue reading

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okay let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

okay let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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red floor

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a dog named tess

So about three weeks ago I made a crazy, emotionally driven decision. A decision that has dramatically changed my life, and that I have second-guessed at least once a day since making it. But first, let me back track. For … Continue reading

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live bloggin’ thanksgiving pt 3

9:35 pm Thanksgiving is a holiday that I have never truly understood. I mean, of course I understand the idea of taking a moment to stop to consider all the things you have to be thankful for, it’s just the … Continue reading

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live blogging thanksgiving pt 2

6:15 pm IT is with a bittersweet joy that I tell you the wonderful news that Tess seems to have been adopted! Being a holiday and all, the adoption people had the day off so I was unable to confirm, … Continue reading

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live blogging thanksgiving pt 1

10 am I have a long-standing tradition of getting a turkey pot-pie and a bottle of whisky and spending thanksgiving by myself. It’s not that I am a curmudgeon (well, maybe I am a little bit of one); it’s just … Continue reading

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i’m in love!!!!!

Yes, it is true, but like so many other aspects of my life, it all seems like a cruel joke or a scene from some bad movie. You see, I have been volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society for the … Continue reading

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