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i have not been much of a blogger lately, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been busy.
first off, i am very excited to announce that my film Some Days are Better than Others will be making its world premiere at the South X Southwest music and film festival. specific dates and times have yet to be announced, but the festival runs March 12-20 in Austin TX, and more info can be found at www.sxsw.com.  We also got a nice review from Filmmaker Magazine! http://www.filmmakermagazine.com/news/2010/03/matt-mccormicks-some-days-are-better-than-others-by-scott-macaulay/
also, I just completed a new music video for Eluvium (whose head dude, Matthew Cooper, just so happened to pen the soundtrack for the previously mentioned movie). check it out ——–>

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some days are better than others (trailer)

i am excited to post the first official trailer for Some Days are Better than Others!

Some Days are Better than Others

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Sports Photographer

Although it’s been nearly 20 years since last doing so, sports photography is in many ways what got me started on the “career path” that I am still on today. Taking pictures of hockey, football, and such for my high-school newspaper is what got a camera in my hands and got me hooked on making pictures. I took hundreds of photographs, taught myself how to use a darkroom, and was even awarded an honorable mention at the Jefferson County Public Schools newspaper photo competition (a major award!)
So anyhow, I was rather excited when the fine folks over at The Portland Sportsman asked me to take photographs at a recent Portland Beavers AAA baseball game. I was a bit nervous, especially once I realized that I just didn’t have the right equipment to truly capture the ‘in action’ moments during a night game. But eventually I got into a groove and just started to look for interesting shots. You can read the story here, and below are some of the photos that did not make it into the article. (as usual, you can click on the image to see it BIG)

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ben coonley original mash-up

Ben Coonley was in town last week for the PDX Film Fest, causing trouble…
Matt + Tess!!!
if you missed Ben’s show last week, here is one of his awesome videos:

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the 2009 PDX Film Festival is happening…

even though i am no longer running the PDX Film Fest, I can say with certain confidence that there is some super awesome stuff happening at this year’s festival. I mean, we got the Girl Talk documentary RiP! A Remix Manifesto, plus visiting artists Ben Coonely and Peggy Ahwesh, a super-rare screening of the films of Bruce Conner, the Experimental Filmmaker Karaoke Throwdown, and of course we have THE PERIPHERAL PRODUCE INVITATIONAL (which i am proud to say that i am still the bingo-caller for).
The fest starts Wednesday May 7 and runs through Sunday the 10th at the Clinton Street Theatre. for the entire lowdown visit www.pdxfilmfest.com. We will be live-blogging the fest for instant updates, but here are some things to be sure to watch for:

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Hazel on Hi-8

I found an old box of Hi-8 videotapes that I shot in the early and mid 90s, including this concert footage of the Portland indie/grunge band Hazel playing at the now defunct venue La Luna in June of 1996. Hazel shows were always fun and a little crazy; they had a designated ‘dancer’ (Fred Nemo) who’d offer an unpredictable element of danger.

Hazel performing at La Luna / 1996 from matt mccormick.

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sunrise in a cloud

(click on images to see them bigger!)

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Industry City, New York


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so much stuff (it’s been awhile)

oh how the blog has suffered these past couple months. i have been busy, on some things i can announce now, and some things that will just have to wait. here is a partial list of some upcoming and current stuff and things:
on monday october 27th i will be the featured guest at the PSU / PICA PMMNLS Monday Night Lecture Series. it is free and starts at 7:30 at Portland State University’s Shattuck Hall (Room 212, 1914 SW Park Avenue, at the corner of SW Broadway and Hall)

I will also be doing a week-long tour through New York state in early November.
here are the dates:
sun nov 2: Rochester, NY: Dryden Theatre
mon nov 3: Auburn, NY: TBD
tue nov 4: Binghamton, NY: Binghamton University Cinema
wed nov 5: Troy, NY: The Sanctuary
thur nov 6: Anondale, NY: Bard College
fri nov 7: New York City: School of Visual Arts noon time lecture
fri nov 7: Brooklyn, NY: Light Industry
I also have a new 4 channel video installation called ‘Satellites’ that was commissioned by the fancy new Portland Hotel The Nines. The Nines just opened and has lots of artwork on display made by many awesome Portland artists including Storm Tharpe and Melody Owen, so you should definitely go loiter in their lobby sometime.
and lastly, XLR*R magazine recently did a profile on me, complete with on camera interview. you can check it out here.

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so happy today to find Bryan Boyce’s videos on YouTube. Bryan is one of my favorite found footage video artists and his work always cracks me up. he is a pretty rad dude as well. you can find out more about him at his website
here are a couple of my favorites, but he has many many more:
Election Collectibles, totally unbelievable!

Rumsfeld Rules…

and his Karaoke video for Highway to Hell!

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