Follow Ups

The first follow ups are IN! Letter-Writer (from here on out, “LW”) “Ugh’d Out” posted a comment on “Honeymoon Nightmare” stating full satisfaction with the advice given and the outcome of all the advice on her entire life. Also, her comment is awesome and inspiring and you should read it, especially if you were sexually assaulted on YOUR honeymoon!

Send in your question today! And your follow-ups! Even if my advice sucked and led you to a worse place in your life; we are all about honesty here. I will tell you that in college a friend of mine described a weird situation with his girlfriend and asked for advice, and I gave him very specific strongly-worded advice, and he went and followed my advice, which caused the girl to break up with him and he was devastated and I was mortified.

That is my official “grain of salt” warning. However, I believe most of the time my advice is either helpful or neutral.

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