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Vegetarianism! Lifestyle ponderings, health tips, meals-vs.-ingredients, and simple recipes

Dear Mr & Mrs, For health reasons, I am switching to a vegetarian diet. Can you give me some easy cooking, grocery shopping tips? I can’t afford to keep buying prepared meals. Simple recipes are what I need, but no … Continue reading

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Dog Contemplation

Dear Ms. (Mrs.?) Regarding – I guess I am confused because technically your husband is Mr. Regarding – in these feminist times? ANYWAY, here is the deal: I want a dog! I feel such a deep longing for one and … Continue reading

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advice specifications

Hello! In looking at the last piece of advice I posted it occurs to me that perhaps it is not always useful to be extremely long-winded–something I have obviously struggled with my whole life. Thus, I would like to suggest … Continue reading

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The Me Generation

Hello Ms. Regarding, Lately I find myself feeling really negative about a certain thing that I cannot quite name. It is not quite “novelty,” and only kinda sorta “frivolity.” Basically it is this: I will receive an email or a … Continue reading

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Frustrated With Publishing

About a year ago I started working for a publishing company. I was hired as part of a push towards creating quality digital products in house, doing them the right way (like the opposite of this). But things have turned … Continue reading

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