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Worm Composting and Tarot Cards

Hi Yours Truly, This is more of a request for stories than straight advice. I just moved into a teeny tiny apartment and I am missing my compost pile. I seem to remember you having adventures in indoor composting that … Continue reading

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Les Enfants

DEAR REGARDERS, Please tell us about your life’s plan not to make babies/children, specifically how you discussed this with your partner and if/how you decided whether Permanent Physical Solutions were your chosen jam. I am having a hard time approaching … Continue reading

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Older Boyfriends Who Insist You Like Orange Sherbet When You Really Don’t

Dear Yours Truly, You are such a good advice-giver! I read the posts, each one several times over, and it totally makes me want to jump on in with my own trials &c, splash a bit in the wise words … Continue reading

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Chilling Out In The Face Of Stress

Hey! Not really sure how to ask this but…how does one stay positive when dealing with an incredibly stressful potentially life-altering situation? I have been accepted to study Fashion History & Theory at an incredibly prestigious Fashion & Art institution … Continue reading

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Love and Life and Venn Diagrams

Dear YT, I have a romance/friendship/life problem that I hope you can help with. I have been seeing a very handsome, compassionate, communicative, hard working man for the last seven months. I’d known and admired him for years in a … Continue reading

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Old Cat Friend, and Responsibilities Therein

I have no idea whether this is even a fair question to ask you, but I am currently struggling with my old cat. He is about 15 years old and has had some x-rays to confirm that his rather pronounced … Continue reading

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What is Love

Dear Yours Truly, What is love?! What is a good relationship? What is worth fighting for? My live-in boyfriend of 3.5 years and I broke up three months ago, very abruptly, moved out from each other. Our relationship was at … Continue reading

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Life Transitions and Post Grad School Blues

Madam Truly, Long time reader, first time caller. I am a lady, in your words, Almost Finished With A PhD, and my old man is moving us to Portland for his job. Do you have any tips for having an … Continue reading

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