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The Ultimate Friend Challenge

I need ‘friend in an abusive relationship with a crazy person’-level advice–sorry for the wall of text, but this one is heavy. One of my husband’s best friends (and my good friend) from college is a sweet and passive dude … Continue reading

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long distance alienation and needing space

Hey there, Maybe you can help me. How can I be more empathetic? I’m in a long distance relationship, and I’m finding it really hard to be as “present” as I should be/my girlfriend needs me to be. When she’s … Continue reading

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Vacation on the Cheap vs. Saving it up

Maybe this is a stupid question, but bare/bear with me here. My in-laws are going away on a vacation to one of the Virgin Islands for several weeks later this winter and have invited my partner and I to come … Continue reading

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I really need to un-friend someone on Facebook, but I don’t want to ruin our relationship. We are bound by friends & family. Outside of Facebook we have always gotten along. I am moderately liberal, but my friend is extremely … Continue reading

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