Andrew Dickson

Andrew Dickson arguably has the perfect life. He’s toured internationally as a performance artist, he works at Wieden+Kennedy running their in-house advertising school, and he moonlights as a voiceover actor and auctioneer. He’s well over six feet tall, is happily married and has two beautiful children of opposite genders. And yet, at times, even he wonders if he’s on the right path. So, he’s embarking on the path of life coach.

He’s happy to answer questions relating to career, business, artistic pursuits, personal projects, big life decisions, and even those smaller decisions that aren’t so big in the grand scheme of things but feel like they are.

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Yours Truly

Yours Truly is a woman aged 26-35, married, happily atheist. She has a humanities PhD, thus is qualified to give advice on a wide array of topics, such as “formatting footnotes” and “should you go to grad school or not.” Additional areas she is qualified to advise on or at least has a prurient interest in hearing about and weighing in on include but are not limited to:

  • – academic issues/careers
  • – vegetarianism/veganism/general health issues
  • – dogs
  • – yoga
  • – how amazing coffee is
  • – relationships and sex
  • – friend or family drama
  • – children: what’s the big deal
  • – worm composting
  • – zombie movies
  • – dream analysis
  • – Tarot card readings

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