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Contemplating the Secret Society of 12

Dearest Mister Dickson: It was serendipitous finding you on the Internet offering advice, as I have a career, business, artistic and big life decision to discuss with you, and I think you will be the perfect person to answer. Don’t … Continue reading

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Why did I come to Los Angeles?

Andrew, What do I do? Why did I come to Los Angeles! Everyone here talks constantly about stuff they saw and not stuff they did, because no one is doing stuff. At least not the people I’ve come into contact … Continue reading

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On being an organism composed of specialized cells that are in and of themselves universes

Dear Andrew Dickson, I am 29, a big “last year” like 39. The last year of a self-respecting ladies’ guilt free philandering, with ideologies as well as men. I have spurious dilemmas in all three major categories of Life: Career: … Continue reading

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Frustrated With Publishing

About a year ago I started working for a publishing company. I was hired as part of a push towards creating quality digital products in house, doing them the right way (like the opposite of this). But things have turned … Continue reading

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I Write Slow

Dear Andrew, How do I become a better keeper of writing deadlines? I am a grad student working on a dissertation that should be finished up soon, and have recently realized (always secretly known) that there is no deadline, however … Continue reading

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Library or Art?

I need some career assistance. I’m torn between two pretty stupid career paths! How does a person become an archivist? Not necessarily a librarian, maybe more of an image or document or collections specialist? Is it a special Grad program? … Continue reading

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Modern Life Ain’t Easy

At what point should you decide that your chosen career isn’t going to work out, and you need to figure out something else? I just got my PhD and didn’t get a job, and I’m in a field where roughly … Continue reading

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