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Weddings and how you don’t really have to go to that many of them!

I have been invited to my ex-step sisters wedding–our parents are now divorced, we did not grow up together save for summers/holidays. She lives in a distant city, we talk maybe once or twice a year when a relative is … Continue reading

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Red Flags and How To Figure Out What You Yourself Think You Ought To Do

Dear Yours Truly, This is a first for me. I never ask anyone for advice, let alone someone I’ve never met! However, I thought it might be useful to get feedback from an impartial third party regarding my current dilemma. … Continue reading

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Working Mentors and Learning on the Job

Dear Yours Truly, I’m a longtime fan of your personal blog, movie blog, and now your advice blog. Even though we’ve never met, I think of you in a very fond and friendly way. It’s very exciting to be a … Continue reading

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Superstitions, Magic(k), and Liberal Secularism

Why is it okay for hip, secular liberals to believe in weird, unscientific things like “Mercury in Retrograde” and “Saturn Returns” and “Astrology” but not in weird, unscientific religious things like “god making a donkey speak” or “angels killing all … Continue reading

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Life Paths and Growing Up

Dear Yours Truly, I am in need of some advice on the matter of life paths. Some background: I am on the brink of my Saturn Return and feeling like I need to start getting my act together. I’ve spent … Continue reading

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To Be Single Or Not To Be Single

Have I got a question for you. Or rather, perhaps, a rambling plea for general advice. Sorry this is long, I have been out for drinks and am confused about the whole thing anyway, hence the need for advice. Basically, … Continue reading

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Making It In The Biz

Ok, I’ll take you up on your call for advice. I’ve recently moved to a new city, finished school, and I am trying to make it in the world as a practicing artist. I think I’m doing ok–going to residencies … Continue reading

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Contemplating the Secret Society of 12

Dearest Mister Dickson: It was serendipitous finding you on the Internet offering advice, as I have a career, business, artistic and big life decision to discuss with you, and I think you will be the perfect person to answer. Don’t … Continue reading

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New Cycles and Fantasy Interpretation

I recently chose to separate from my husband of five years. He is an incredibly handsome and successful artist known all over the world. We lived and worked in the same space and were rarely apart for even a day. … Continue reading

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Guest Post!

I turn today’s column over to the illustrious Dr. Pizza, who is highly qualified to take on questions about being an artist, living in portland, and interacting with a music community. Any questions along these lines may be passed on … Continue reading

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