bodycity IX: through the Glass Mass

Well friends,

We’ve managed to make it through the interweb cyclone that was ULTIMATE BLOGGER 3. And while we are not their elected champion, (the title was fairly won by G-rad) we produced some excellent posts and learned quite a bit about HTML. Please visit our last four entries and see for yourself:

Fourth Challenge: Pictures
Fifth Challenge: Piracy
Sixth Challenge: Problems
Seventh Challenge:Politics

But even the internet must give way for good old fashion live performance, and all this while we have been rehearsing our next dance. So please come join us:

A harvest dance to bubble up bodies and fling ourselves, with shirt sleeves rolled and eyes wide open, into the night.

There will also be a sculptural instillation crafted by troupe members. Spectral Mobile: a delicate tool of mysticism using corrective distortion and spinning spectrums.

bodycity is Madeline Baugh, Ali Hyman, Jennifer Lehman, Cristina Paul, Molly Rodgveller, Lake Sharp, Meagan Yellott. And introducing Sarah Anderson & Luke Fischbeck

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One Response to bodycity IX: through the Glass Mass

  1. pjn says:

    Hey Ladies –

    WOW. I can’t believe all this beautiful and inspired/inspiring work you guys have been doing the last few months. I’m stunned. So cool. That negative strain of comments is super-weird and would be disheartening if it weren’t counterbalanced by the wonderful flow of your work. Smart, eye opening stuff. Love it.

    Hope to see y’all soon


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