wikidance 2.0 BYOD

During a recent pracky, we discussed all of the answers we’ve each given to the oft-asked question, “what kind of dance do you do?”. As we tossed out such phrases as “contemporary experimental dance” and “democratic dance” and “you know, awesome dance”, we eventually stumbled upon something perfect ” B.Y.O.Dance”.

In celebration of this discovery we are asking you to literally B.Y.O.D. for wikidance 2.0

Originally conceived during the Ultimate Blogger 3, we solicited all users of the internet to share their sweet moves with the promise that we would turn them into a dance.

These were the moves:

wikidance creators! from bodycity on Vimeo.

And what we did with them:

The Wikidance from bodycity on Vimeo.

Post your moves on vimeo or youtube and be sure to tag them with “wikidance2.0”!

Bring it!

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