b-city cruisin’: LA, SD, SF, HOLLYWOOD

Before too much time passes, we must mark and remark on what was our first tour…the mini-ist and most awesome west coast-inental “have a Glasser of Lemonade for your bodycity” Tour, Summer Jams 2008. A recap:


The Smell, Los Angeles – Thursday, July 10th
Highlights: Nite Jewel; the super friendly home-town crowd; Lemonade blew our minds.
Weirdlights: Having to sign release forms for standing within camera range of an ongoing indie film (but it was kind of cool too…they wanted to film our performance, but when it came down to it, it was their big lights or our dance floor….naturally they had to move).
tiny puuuuuppy

House Party, San Diego – Friday, July 11
Highlights: all the cool kids in San Diego materialized at this party, then squeezed into what was the tinniest place we’ve ever danced, a baby basement about 7 feet tall; making tiny versions of our dances; dirty sweat flinging and shoving.
Weirdlights: traffic; having to change into our costumes in front of a giant window; no hoisting Molly into the air; having to go home almost immediately so we could hit the road to SF.

Grey Area Beacon
, San Francisco – Saturday, July 12

Highlights: we rented a behemoth 15 passenger van; we got there in time for a romp with a ridiculous puppy, a reunion with our Norcal friends, and a round of Bloody Marys; we started a serious dance party; Evan SNJ let us crash all over his house in Modesto that night.
Weirdlights: mysterious banana disappearance

sleepersBastille Day Celebration, W Hollywood – Sunday, July 13
Highlights: Adele Jacques, the event’s coordinator, a new but already good friend who gave us the most touching and well-spoken introduction we’ve ever had; our “eF-it, I’m so freaking tired” attitude made this our best performance.
Weirdlights: the morning sun after 10 hours of sleep in 3 days knowing there’s a good six hours of road ahead of you; too much Starbucks – it’s creepy.

In other words: Success! Wicked Positive.

Also, we’ve gotta mention our newest member, Alisha Adams! bodycity is completely thrilled to have her, she is true blue.


Glasser was a stellar companion. Cameron, Matt, Rebecca and Madeline kept things real and were always bang-on come performance time.
And, though we saw little of them on the road, the Lemonade dudes are excellent humans and we are so grateful to them for their organizing prowess and easy attitudes.

With our first tour under the bodycity belt, we have brave new thoughts on future tours and can’t wait to tell you about new stuff happening soon…

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