more tales from future mountain

here are the outer edges:

This vid is an excerpt from our performance at the Gala opening of Collisionfest, an intimate, 11 day celebration of fringe artists from all over the world. Taking place in Los Angeles, this eclectic program of Cinema, performance and Multimedia dynamically presents – the current state of ‘Genre’, the influence of past, and the vision of future.
Check out for more coverage of the event.

mostly we are tromping around on the surface of something; future mountain. getting the lay of the land, surveying the atmosphere, developing maps and plans. we have new suits full of air and textured sound (it’s a strange thing to sweat inside of paper/plastic – a perspiring lemonade fresh from the market) that enhance our lady shapes in all the best ways. but we’ve built a small city here; point to the horizon, there.

what does your edge of the mountain look like?
is there dancing there?
can we come visit?


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