bodycity is a democratic dance. A collection of bodies. In motion and in stillness. Stillness and motion. Motion even when things seem utterly still.

bodycity deconstructs dance, in a way – stripping away it’s mask of exclusivity, its trappings of technique, its underpinnings of achievement.

bodycity is all lowercase.

bodycity has been used, reappropriated, credited and invoked by others – but it only has its true owners in those who nurture the democracy. Who understand that it cannot be understood, and must instead be flexible, malleable, sweaty, pensive and and and connected to the Earth, and each other.

bodycity is a gathering, a laying on of hands. It is a nickname, and that is OK.

bodycity is Avatar. Avatar is soooo bodycity. Have you seen that movie? They get it, those Na’vii. They connect to each other and the Earth, and together move to transform even death. Except for Sigourney Weaver’s character.

And anyway bodycity is weird, and it’s hard, and it needs to be tended to like a child.

And bodycity is WOMEN. Really, in the truest and deepest sense, it is. Because we women have cultivated, and cut, and sewn and performed. And put our WOMAN-NESS out there → and we’ve called it bodycity.

And so to define it is hard – but don’t worry. When you see it, you will know that something was real.

bodycity is a collection of women, of friends and artists. We are together moving using our bodies, making things, creating dance. We are inspired by our city. We celebrate it’s every bit, a piece of trash, a beautiful tree, the mountains, the bars, the young folks, the old, the workers. We share each other. We are unafraid, we like weird. We don’t shy from awkward or ugly, but look at it again and find it’s essential beauty—we like humanness. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but revel also in our seriousness and commitment to exploration. We are a bit of a conundrum.

We embrace our individuality but easily fold into each other’s direction, picture that changes, moving landscape. We are real. We are so realistic, we project realness. We explore. We are unafraid and also full of fear, but we look at it—we are utterly human. We look for leaders and followers, we are both. We try not to think about things too hard, just live in them—the body does the thinking. The mind has the idea, the body does the thinking. We are collected—we have a language, we share commonality. We share the city. We perform. We care. We care a lot.

bodycity is an open and collaborative dance troupe developing choreographies and participatory movement workshops for the last 5 years in the LA area. Dedicated to organic expression playing itself out in relation to unique or inspiring spaces in unconventional venues. Bodycity celebrates the body impulse. As a dance democracy, our choreographic development is spawned from collective brainstorming to create a rudimentary structure upon which each dancer/choreographer is allowed to invoke kinds of movement or parts of what eventually becomes the totality of the dance. Part of choreographing is moving, it is also teaching, listening, adapting to one anothers’ visions. Because of its openness as well as its shifting membership, bodycity is a continually morphing and shifting organism, each piece a unique expression of a collective impulse.
~Ali Hyman

a way of contextualizing bodies moving through, or still in a city. We are fond of natural places, of creating a language of dance as a way to look at the world. To inspire in others a sense of possibility in their bodies. Dance is one word for a practice of looking. We are a collective, non hierarchical, creating dialog each time with eachother and the locations (sites) where we move….we look for the fantastic, the laughable, the hilarious, the absurd… bring other humans to notice what is already there, engagement with, laughter, then joy and wonder. 6 women with a strong history, a language, growing together and apart—with a thread of the centrality of the body in interacting with this city, with a river, a steep hill, a staircase. How do we adapt? Homologous structures and relating through understanding how we all always choreograph, have choreographed—in the signs of a city

body city is vinegar kisses. We are archaeologists of the inside. We are friendly people/ladies. We are always probing and throwing piles up into the air. We are silly. We are the straight man in an epic comedy. We are firestarters. We are toe-breakers and menders of old clothes. We are the celebration and the celebrants. bodycity is a road trip. bodycity is a non group group. We are a collection of fantasy. We are interested in what’s real. We borrow, we steal, we bow to other body gods. It is not what we had in mind. It’s sometimes intentional. We use the tools we have and invent the rest. we give big hugs to the outside. We invite in nature. We nurture the itch. bodycity is a pleasant argument. bodycity is the discussion that happens again – or did it not happen ever? bodycity is a project. it’s a reason to spend time. It is the fire in the middle of our week. It is a lovely little bouncing ball. bodycity is an ode to this time. bodycity likes space. bodycity is breathing.

bodycity is:

a dance democracy
a navigational experiment
a collection of voluntary particles

At its best, bodycity is a performance troupe that challenges an accepted notion of “dance”. We are a collective of artists from varied disciplines who have agreed to come together, in a physically-mentally-psychically dedicated fashion, in order to better explore the boundaries of our contextual terrain. We are women, academics, laborers, curators, educators, translators, and students. We are concerned for our collective future and have a vested interest in expanding how we come to understand each other and our roles in building what comes next. We are actively building what comes next.
We are the architects of our intentions.
~meagan yellott

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