+summer sessions: Solstice+ Film PREMIERS at California International Theater Festival 

bodycity has been dancing around the world this summer from remote locations for our Summer Sessions, a video project that allows all of our members, wherever they are, to dance together.  Our first project was recorded on the Summer Solstice, each of us taking five minutes to great the season.  The film was edited together and is premiering right now at the California International Film Festival!  The video will be playing on a loop in the lobbies of the venues.  Go check out the film and catch a show!


We are at meetings, in school, sitting behind desks and closed windows.  But for a moment, on the longest day of the year, with the sun at its annual apex, we gather in the center.  We pause to think of sipping summer mead and washing our faces in sweet summer dew.  Stretch tall to feel the tilt of the earth; jump high to float above its spin for just barely a second.  In California, Belgium, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Colorado, we danced together in the heat of summer.  When we cannot dance together, we can still dance under the same sun.


bodycity is getting busy!  We will be performing a new dance, END TRAILS, at High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree next month.

We will also be premiering the full 8 short films we made as part of the Summer Sessions project, dates and venue TBA.

We will be performing a work in progress of END TRAILS as part of Tresspass/Parade to kick off October.  More details to follow….

Finally, we are moving!  Cyberly!  bodycity will now be hosted at UrbanHonking.  It’s a been a treat to be part of the EM family and we xoxoxo UrHo, it’s all in the family!

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  1. Mikey says:

    Nothing like a media acquisition to brighten my day. Welcome to your new home! Let us know if you want some fresh paint or anything!

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