BODYDESERT: END TRAILS at High Desert Test Sites

High Desert Test Sites is a site-specific bi-annual art celebration in and around Joshua Tree, CA. HDTS challenges ideas of art and audience as tied to galleries and urban centers, encouraging works of art that engage with and melt into the desert landscape. Just as important as the performances and installations themselves, sited on scrubby lands, in dry lake beds, down sandy roads, is the journey it takes to get there, the vibrations with the environment. bodydesert: end trails explores the emotional and physical space between the city and the desert, the changes in movement, how we hold ourselves and let ourselves go as we leave the urban energy of Los Angeles. We will be dancing on Sunday October 16th at 1pm in a dry lake bed near Joshua Tree. Shade and water will be provided. 

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  1. Aubrey White says:

    this may be the pinnacle, ladies.

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