bodycity is a democratic dance collective comprised of varying levels of formal dance training, from none to much, in which each dancer is both teacher and learner. Through a series of games and associations, together we create works of dance for site-specific experiences. We are based in Los Angeles.


Alisha Adams

Sarah Anderson

Katie Bachler

Madeline Baugh
madeline.jpgMadeline found her way to bodycity through a wilderness of movement, sweat, and tangled breath.

That was in the fall of 2005.

Into its flow and solid strength, the city welcomed her, and against hard pavement she dragged soft body. And against soft body she fell deeply, into the joy of movement and the comfort of a dance with no destination.

For in this city there is only gratitude; thankfulness for the wonder of each body, the unique and the unpleasant, the gracefully disjointed, and the ultimate impermanence of even something so steady as a city.

Luke Fischbeck
luke.jpgLuke Fischbeck is writing a bio for himself while listening to music he is trying to make wait a hawk is screaming outside! its still
screaming! what’s going on? also he is reading email. now its time to ride bikes to bodycity practice so we can get there early and eat a
sandwich next door. hawksandsparrows.org and glaciersofnice.com.

Betsy Hume

Ali Hyman
ali.jpgRunning the gamut of dance disciplines since I was a little kid growing up in the city of LA, I have in more recent years been greatly inspired by Classical Ballet and especially the ways in which It brushes against the folkloric traditions of Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Impassioned by romantic music, romantic costumes, historical and primordial dance moves, the sun, water, french perfume, bubbles, punk rock, flipping the script, dropping bombs, breaking glass, scams and jams, trash, chaos etc… I am completely honored to dance with Bodycity, a troupe that celebrates diversity of inspiration, and embraces the human impulse to dance and create culture from the ground up. Out of the bedroom and into the streets!

Jennifer Lehman
jennifer.jpgI like to dance.





Cristina Paul
cristina.jpgCristina Paul is a native Los Angeleno. She likes: clawfoot tubs, Legos, stone ground mustard, peonies in May, getting scrubbed at the Korean spa, phosphenes, the smell of old books, the euphoria of a long headstand, dinner parties with friends, Christmas music at any time of year, making lists… She dislikes: sick people on a crowded subway train, extra packaging, waiting to open presents, peanuts (the food, not the comic strip)… Super secret tip: to differentiate her from impostors, look for the dirt on her glasses.

Molly Rodgveller
molly.jpgCoerced into ballet as an eight year old (by wanting to mimic friends, not by any push from my mother, lord no), I lacked grace and found the basic bar routine somewhat boring. I wrote my very first poem immediately before a class, describing how completely alien and somewhat gross a knee looks under tights. 325% of my life later and after a degree in literature, ballet has transformed into a myriad of methods of flaunting arms, hips and hair, while attempting not to spill the proverbial seed of self expression and discovery planted in each flick and jut. In this way, I can help supply space for us to snicker at ourselves even more than you do.

I want to make books, keep kittens, and go everywhere.

Lake Sharp
lake.jpgI’ve been a member since back in 2005. My dance epiphany came whilst sitting atop a bar stool, “Meagan, I wanna move.” An understandable sentiment having just graduation from college, we began meeting in Meagan’s living room where we still build the bulk of our dances today. I took some Afro-Haitian dance classes in college, I watched a lot of MTV in middle school, and I often perfect my moves midday in my living room. I am inspired in part by the following: Kate Bush, headbangers, old ladies in the park, my cats, axl rose, marches, plants, mountains, 80’s exercise and music video, my friends and their hot moves.

bodycity is my favorite extracurricular, but I bring home the (veggie-)bacon as a designer and dressmaker for a local boutique in Silverlake. When I grow up a really wanna be a working actor, so I also parlay in film and television, most recently as a meth addict and the undead. Other extracurriculars include bike-commuting, gardening, brewing kombucha and making lil’ videos.

Aubrey White
aubrey.jpgThere is much you can tell about a person by their feet. I’ve been looking at mine a lot lately. They are always dirty. The balls of my feet and bottom of my big toe have calluses on them. It sounds gross, I know. But in actuality, it is a sign of life. It requires far too much stillness to care for one’s feet. That protective layer of calluses only shows up after years of dancing in living rooms, across concrete floors, and up steep streets. I usually think my feet are rather unattractive. But they make a nice map.

My dance training began in the kitchen with my mom. It has progressed significantly since then, but the kitchen is still my favorite place to shake a tail feather. I’ve danced with bodycity for nearly 3 years (I think). Gardener, unversed banjo player, map maker, giggler extraordinaire. Nicknames include Chedswick, Pants, Bobby, and Oobroo.

I’m parting ways with bodycity for the world of higher learning. But I’ll be back. And I’ll be dancing in my kitchen in the meantime.

Meagan Yellott
meagan.jpgdance is a din at the top of my spine. sometimes i let it creep or explode into the rest of my body but it lives there, between my shoulder blades, waiting to dominate my anatomy. my mind is empty when i dance; i am present and glowing. Otherwise, i think about new ways to inhabit and build landscape, collaborative strategies, plant ecology, devil’s advocacy, and generally, how to love more.

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  1. Julia McAlee says:

    Dude. Someone told me about you, and I reeeeeeally want to come hang out. And dance. Dance dance dance move squirm crawl shake shimmy spin slide twirl bounce dance… How can I do that?

  2. Elaine says:

    I want to dance!

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