bodycity at The Echo, March 24

Let’s be honest, here at bodycity, we imagine ourselves as rock stars. Not always, but very often. Some of us have had brief and glorious stints as performing musicians. We’re interested in substance experimentation. We destroy a living room on a weekly basis. We drink tequila constantly without break or pause. We shave each others’ heads. We have wicked jam sessions. We own tambourines. We eat the hottest chilies in the world. Yes, we are rock stars.

On that note:
We are performing at The Echo this Monday!
We are so amped to be collaborating again with the bona fide ruler of rock Glasser for an ass-kicking full set of transcendental mayhem! Kutcha-kah-tah! Yip!

The Chapin Sisters residency
March, 24 2008 at The Echo
1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90026
* 9:00 PM * FREE *

Be there or be not a rock star.

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Anatomy Riot #22: Parts and Wholes @ Mr T’s Bowl

Parts & Wholes
image courtesy Tucker Neel

February 11, 2008, 8:00 PM

bodycity is curating the upcoming Anatomy Riot #22: Parts and Wholes.

performers include:
Julie Lequin
Existential Media
Emily Birnbaum and Dan Selon
Don Allen

and more!

@ Mr T’s Bowl in Highland Park
Starts at 8:00pm
$7 at the door

new-danceflier_001.jpg“With low-tech, do-it-yourself spirit in an easygoing setting, Anatomy Riot is an ongoing monthly dance/performance series, curated by choreographer Meg Wolfe & guest curators. Anatomy Riot encourages creative exploration and provides a platform for local artists to share what’s new and what’s in the works; you, dear audience, are spared from the high ticket prices and seat-squirming formality of a more traditional theater setting, while seeing a diversity of works by up-and-coming & seasoned artists.
Short works by 7-10 artists each month.”
image courtesy Ericka Gomez

About the Artists

JULIE LEQUIN.jpg“Thoughts on dance.”
“Julie finds whimsical idiosyncratic differences between homeland Quebec and adopted America.”
– Ross-the-Boss
Julie Lequin(Born in Laval, Quebec in 1979) is a French Canadian living in Los Angeles where she received her MFA from the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA) in 2005. Julie’s multidisciplinary practice includes video-performance, watercolor, props and costumes, as well as writen lists, voiceovers and notes for scripts. She is interested in storytelling, imitating voices, making wigs and facial hair that look like “sculptures,” creating characters inspired by friends, family and NPR, narration, lip-synching, video diaries, Le Nouveau Roman, and the differences between humor, awkwardness and sadness. In 2007, Julie’s first book and DVD project was published by 2nd Cannons Publications (Los Angeles). Lequin has performed and participated in several group exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Sweden. Forthcoming projects include a collaboration with Satellite3 publications, a series of performances for the Confederacy of Creative Ephemera in Los Angeles, a solo exhibition at Raid Project, and an artist residency in Ireland in the Fall 2008. Julie likes: Tina Fey, dancing home parties, bike riding, stressing, to talk to strangers, and cilantro on baguette. She enjoys taking care of her blog:

Gwendolyn Meier had dreams of being a hair-dresser from a very young age. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor. She countered with sights set on lounge singing, go-go dancing, or personal shopping. Playing music with Julie may be as close as she’ll get to any of these.

Existential Media is a web-based community of writers, designers, and artists. This is our first dance performance.
Real Talk!

bodycity is a dance democracy. we are completely ensemble based, each of us with varying levels of training. we are all creative directors. our dances challenge the notion of dance and choreography as a traditional/singular vocabulary performed by specific dance “types.” we are dedicated to the site specific. we are interested in the humorous, perplexing, delightful, weird, pensive, beautiful, exciting and lively.
LadyStranger” is inspired by those lady strangers you see in a bar. The ones you can’t stop looking at and maybe never talk to, or when you do, you’re not sure exactly what’s happening….. they seem utterly filled up in knowledge of themselves (less self-centered and more like timeless beasts of the earth) that you feel it like steel beams from their eyes. We’ve assembled our own army of these creatures, enlisting the dreamy sound abstractions of Glasser as our battle cry.

DSC02617.JPGGlasser is a band-like recording and performing act, born out of dreams. Cameron Mesirow writes songs with large emphasis on abstract vocals, designed for multi-layered performance which will incorporate as many different singers as she can find.

Accompanying her are Matt Popieluch (Foreign Born, Big Search, Fool’s Gold), Lily Chapin (Chapin Sisters) and Elizabeth Wight (Love Grenades).

daniel and I.jpg “Tied”
Emily Birnbaum and Daniel Selon
are both independent theatre artist who have had the pleasure of working together on a number of projects before this in the LA area. This is the first time that they have created a piece together and they are pleased to have had the opportunity to work so closely on this one time duet.

Don Allen has been steadily creating theater for the past eighteen years. An early foundation in musical theater has found him working up and down the East Coast from NH to KY, with three shows at The Walnut Street Theater including a world premiere for Neil Simon. He shifted gears to move to Chicago and devote himself to Improv Theater. A graduate of all the major schools (IO, Second City, The Annoyance). Film work Flirting With Anthony and Waiting are available thru TLA /TROMA. As of late Don has been working with Ken Roht both as a performer and choreographer and dancing in five Alec Mapa shows including a special for LOGO. Recently founded StArt. An organization to produce commercially viable theater in site specific locations to benefit under served audiences.

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found dance

bodycity is always in flux, taking in new members and sharing last dances with old friends on their way to new cities, new towns, new schools, new environments, and new bodies. As each dance is performed we have small moments to pause and consider what we’ve done and what we’ll do next. Right now, bodycity is ten members strong, the largest we’ve ever been. This is exciting and challenging, scheduling is a little tougher, but the dynamism of each member is what makes bodycity. An especially exciting part of bodycity right now are the smaller collaborations including some members some times in sight-specific dance videos. These found dance videos include one made recently by our favorite local filmmaker, Jacinto Astiazarán, in Echo Park. The other was made by some of us while hanging out at the Huntington Gardens several weeks ago.

found dance at echo park from bodycity on Vimeo.

We hope to continue to make these videos inbetween our live performances, we are always collaborating with this city and are inspired by the different spaces we pass through. We welcome suggestions, comments, or secret maps to places in LA that need to be danced upon. Send us your musings at or leave a comment bellow.

danceplants from bodycity on Vimeo.

bodycity also has a new flickr account where we are archiving all photography of past performances. Add us as a contact and if you have pictures of any of our dances please send them to us so that we can add them to our account. Bellow is one of many photos you’ll find of our last dance, bodycity IX: through the Glass Mass.

Thanks to our wonderful audience, we hope you had as much fun as we did!


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Spectral Mobile: corrective distortion & spinning spectrums

spec·ter or spec·tre n
1. a ghostly presence or apparition

spec·tral adj
1. relating to specters or in the form of a specter
2. produced by a spectrum or relating to a spectrum

We’ll be selling these dervish specters at our performance this coming Friday. From ceiling to corner to sun shaft and crooked breeze, a knotted and spinning fraction of light will lift your spirits!


Feel free to come in costume: Dig on some dance and carry on to your costume party.BODYCITYIXweblargeA.jpg

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bodycity IX: through the Glass Mass

Well friends,

We’ve managed to make it through the interweb cyclone that was ULTIMATE BLOGGER 3. And while we are not their elected champion, (the title was fairly won by G-rad) we produced some excellent posts and learned quite a bit about HTML. Please visit our last four entries and see for yourself:

Fourth Challenge: Pictures
Fifth Challenge: Piracy
Sixth Challenge: Problems
Seventh Challenge:Politics

But even the internet must give way for good old fashion live performance, and all this while we have been rehearsing our next dance. So please come join us:

A harvest dance to bubble up bodies and fling ourselves, with shirt sleeves rolled and eyes wide open, into the night.

There will also be a sculptural instillation crafted by troupe members. Spectral Mobile: a delicate tool of mysticism using corrective distortion and spinning spectrums.

bodycity is Madeline Baugh, Ali Hyman, Jennifer Lehman, Cristina Paul, Molly Rodgveller, Lake Sharp, Meagan Yellott. And introducing Sarah Anderson & Luke Fischbeck

poster design by Sumi Ink Club

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Let’s get up to speed here, shall we!?

We are presently competing in an internet-famous blogging contest to see if we are the best bloggers in the universe. Seeing as how we aren’t really bloggers by trade, we are happy to report that we have made it through the first THREE rounds without being eliminated!

What follows are our submissions to each challenge:

First Challenge: Build a Profile

Second Challenge: Participation
The Making of Participation

Third Challenge: Passion

Please visit the Ultimate Blogger site to get caught up on all of the other awesome contestants!

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First off, a big THANK YOU to Gregg Fleishman and Nana Tchitchoua for inviting us to the Flieshman Studio to perform.

Their show, THE GARDEN AND THE CUBE, is currently installed in the space for everyone to explore tomorrow night.

You can learn more about them at and

We are so excited to announce the following guest artists who will be joining us tomorrow night:

Performance by local artist Stephen Van Dyck

“Snailship/Snail Island” a short film by Jacinto Astiazarán


collidescopic jams by Lucky Dragons

DJs Annie O’Malley and Collin Blowdorn will mellow the vibe with their sweet dreamscape of sound.

Please join bodycity in

bodycity VII: tales from future mountain
choreography by meagan yellott
sound accompaniment by evan george

tomorrow, fri. aug. 24th 8pm

3850 Main Street
Culver City, CA 90232

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bodycity VII: tales from future mountain

choreography by Meagan Yellott
sound accompaniment by Evan George

Envisioning the bleak utopia
of our own making.

With special guest performers of
a musical nature!

Friday, August 24, 2007
Starts at 8pm

Gregg Fleishman Studio
3850 Main Street
Culver City, CA 90232

We welcome donations for future projects!

Join us for a sweet Friday night to mark the dwindling moments of the summer and the nearing departure of our dear pal Aubrey White. Bring your friends, your summer shoes and your best multisensory ambitions.

Light refreshments will be served (Punch! Wafers! Fruits!).

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bodycity VI: seveneight….REDUX

In case you missed last Friday, we are going to perform our latest dance again!!! This is the first time in bc history that we are repeating a performance, but this is a special one. Plus, we are hosting a touring dance troupe, Modern Garage Movement, how cool is that!?!

bodycity will perform bodycity VI: seveneight
a bit of magic, a bit of neon, and a dance vibe that screams summer solstice

MGM will perform GREE kaleidoscopic blinks presented in portable proscenium (see description below)

friday, july 20th, 8pm (really) 250 North Avenue 57 LA, CA 90042
*Show runs 40 min – 1 hr, depending on space

$8 suggested donation for the touring dancers

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from the 110 N, exit Via Marisol, turn left go right at the first stop sign onto Avenue 57 continue straight (a slight jaunt to the left) across Figueroa cross the train tracks and it’s the big yellow house on the corner of Ave 57 and Montevista

Get off at the Highland Park stop
Exit platform onto Avenue 57, go right 1/2 block
it’s the big yellow house on the corner of Ave 57 and Montevista

kaleidoscopic blinks presented in portable proscenium

A quality knock-off you’ve never seen the original of, THIS DANCE IS
CALLED GREE. IT IS FROM BEDSTUY. is the new dance piece of renegade
touring project, Modern Garage Movement, aka MGM.
Started in San Francisco, based in Brooklyn, MGM is dancers Felicia Ballos, Biba Bell & JM Leary.
Inspired by hardcore touring rock bands, JM conceptualized MGM into a five week US touring project summer 2006, dancing in garages, backyards, packing sheds, wine warehouses, galleries and community centers.
The performance of GREE is an assignment to cultivate urban flowers in secret gardens by grafting the sounds of Stevie Wonder to Pash(ly), costumes of Neil Greenberg to soccer outfits and the dances of Youssouf Koumbassa to Sarah Michelson.
The show opens with a dimly lit seating area entirely covered by foliage, which is then removed by the dancers as the audience members arrive and are integrated into the thicket. GREE dusts off dance pieces, sets and audiences, invisibly arousing all growing, moving things.

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bodycity VI: seveneight

Oh my god it’s totally summer. There are housesitting opportunities with swimming pools and neurotic dogs. Find them. And call us. And if you don’t succeed, bring the fun to your house. Like Belmont Dreams, a house that offers itself up as nice little spot for traveling bands and roving dancers.

Excited by the communal, familial, and celebratory dancing of the days of yore, bodycity welcomes in the summer with a bit of magic, a bit of neon, and a dance vibe that just screams summer solstice.

And with the summer, we welcome new dancers! Three lovely ladies have joined our efforts and will dance with us this Friday. Say hello to Ali, Cristina, and Jennifer. Hi guys!

This Friday, July 13 at 8pm

Lloyd and Michael
Guy Blackman
Sly Hats

Belmont Dreams
1425 W. 2nd Street

for the curious ones.
Lloyd and Michael ** Guy Blackman ** Sly Hats

Join us.

It’s kind of like this-

Or this-

Ok, and a little like this-

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