after the corn hole

Howdy Campers!
This Saturday, June 9, Urho is going to toss some bags right in the cornhole. Come hang out in my backyard, drink beer, talk trash, make bets, slap butts, high five, and get real.

3955 N Borthwick.
3:00 P.M.
Bring it.

corn hole skillz

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Ping Pong

UrHo Ping Pong Tourney
Sunday at 6pm
Zach’s Shack

Join the FaceBook Event (so we know how many are coming).

I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a new $250 racket or pick up some classic table tennis shoes… but we’re taking this pretty seriously.

Zach’s Shack is letting us reserve their table Sunday night so come hungry and get a hotdog and drink a few beers.

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So I guess technically we don’t play softball. We play Mushball.

I found this out when I tried to reserve a field for Saturday the 26th at 2:00pm at Peninsula Park Overlook Park. Softball isn’t allowed there because the field is pretty small. But Mushball is allowed. What is Mushball? Well… I think it’s softball.

Sixteen-inch softball, also sometimes referred to as “mushball” or “super-slow pitch”, is a direct descendant of Hancock’s original game. Mushball is played extensively in Chicago, where devotees such as the late Mike Royko consider it the “real” game, and New Orleans. In New Orleans, sixteen-inch softball is called “Cabbage Ball” and is a popular team sport.

So anyway, we’re playing on Saturday! 2pm at Peninsula Park. There is a Facebook Event and everything.

The Ding Dong’s are looking for revenge after getting beat last week by the Zebra’s 21 to 16. Oh, and you can stop by Land and pick up an UrHo Tee!

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Softball: It’s on!

Hey Campers!
Softball is ON this Sunday (May 20th)! Wear your shorts, bring your glove if you’ve got one, and prepare to have Mike blow a whistle at you! 2:00! Peninsula Park! Let’s play ball!

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Camp Firewood

The Urban Honking Summer Activities League is excited to launch Camp Firewood, the blog for announcing all the fun we plan on having this summer. Yes, that is a reference to Wet Hot American Summer and yes, we are all giant nerds.

The role of Camp Director will be played by Willow because she doesn’t have a job in the summer and she already owns a whistle. We had a meeting and decided to get things started with a softball game on Sunday, May 20th. We’ll be announcing more details in the future but just wanted to give everyone a chance to subscribe to the RSS feed, or like us on Facebook, or whatever.

And just so you can be prepared, the summer uniform is red shorts and an Urban Honking t-shirt. We recommend pretty short shorts.

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