Camp Firewood

The Urban Honking Summer Activities League is excited to launch Camp Firewood, the blog for announcing all the fun we plan on having this summer. Yes, that is a reference to Wet Hot American Summer and yes, we are all giant nerds.

The role of Camp Director will be played by Willow because she doesn’t have a job in the summer and she already owns a whistle. We had a meeting and decided to get things started with a softball game on Sunday, May 20th. We’ll be announcing more details in the future but just wanted to give everyone a chance to subscribe to the RSS feed, or like us on Facebook, or whatever.

And just so you can be prepared, the summer uniform is red shorts and an Urban Honking t-shirt. We recommend pretty short shorts.

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5 Responses to Camp Firewood

  1. Willow says:

    OK Campers! A few ground rules:
    * No chewing gum in the barn
    * No BJ’s on camp out
    * S’Mores may not be taken back to the cabin

    Great! Now let’s have the best summer ever!

  2. Yours Truly says:

    I have some short shorts! I am ready to swing a bat and get a sunburn!
    Can we have beer?

  3. Mike Merrill says:

    Yes. We will have a cooler of beer. We will always have a cooler of beer. That’s a lesson I learned from Steve a few summers ago. KEEP THE COOLER STOCKED.

  4. RCH says:

    So many different kinds of cold, frothy beverages, hommmm………..

  5. Robby Russell says:

    Still on next weekend?

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