Sometimes a man will tell his bartender things that he’ll never tell his doctor.

          • Dr. Boyce, Star Trek Pilot

Hello, my name is Tyler, and welcome to the Captain’s Log. We are a blog dedicated to the enjoyment of wine! Through this open forum, I will be recounting my trials and tribulations dealing with one of the worlds oldest and most respected fermented beverages, as well as may stories and tales about other fun drinks! As this is my first blog post, I hope it isn’t too awkward… I feel I should share a little bit about myself. I am 24, ride a bike, live in Portland Oregon, and may or may not be a Sommelier, just waiting on the results of my exam. I have been in the coffee industry since I was 16, and my first job was working caterings with my dad helping prep food as well as tray passing hors d’oeuvres when I was around the age of 12… After about 8 years of working in cafe’s I decided that it is due time to try something else. I have always been a fan of drinking wine, it is tasty, colorful, classy, alcoholic, and a very global and established industry, so why not learn about it? I enrolled in a Sommelier Diploma program through the International Sommelier Guild. It was a string of three classes, Wine Fundamentals 1 and 2, as well as a Diploma course. The three classes all together lasted about a year. I really have to say, I became enamored, amazed with that the wine world has to offer, amazing flavors, rich culture, and amazing history. I learned that there were wines that would offer refreshment as well as nice accents to every season, weather pattern, mood, event, not to mention something just to sip on and enjoy!

I really like the idea of pairing wine with weather and emotion. What should you drink when it is raining? What should you drink when you are sad? What should you drink when it is really windy? What should you drink if you just got a new job? Promotion? Broken up with? It just seems a little more fun than your standard wine and food pairings…

Wine is a really tough field to get into, there are endless numbers of options, as well as price ranges, the main goal of the Captains Log, is to explore wine that is both affordable and delicious, to introduce people of all ages and stature to the delicious and exciting things that the wine world has to offer. Overall really to have fun!


Please ask questions

Please drink wine




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3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Etta Tron says:

    what should i drink on my last day of work?

  2. Marijke says:

    So excited to read your blog! (and to drink wine)

  3. Bonnie Marsh says:

    makes me wish i loved wine, unfortunately i have a true adversion to it.
    loved your bio and intent, the world will be a better place with your love and passion….

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