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work in progress

*The post should really be titled “thoughts in progress.” I’m not cynical about love; despite (or inspite) of my own fair share of debilitating heartache. I’m actually a romantic. What I’m interested in is a new model of romance. The … Continue reading

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Crunchy Granola

*Pre-baking I make granola every week for the family I cook for. It’s one of my favorite recipes; it’s easy, satisfying, and you feel all Martha-Stewarty-Ina-Garteny for making something from scratch that most people normally purchase at a store. This … Continue reading

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A lot of people are disgusted by beets. Even more people seem to be disgusted by beet soup. In high school history class, I was assigned to do a group presentation on the former Soviet Union. My group decided that … Continue reading

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