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*The post should really be titled “thoughts in progress.” I’m not cynical about love; despite (or inspite) of my own fair share of debilitating heartache. I’m actually a romantic. What I’m interested in is a new model of romance. The hollywood stuff, the novels of yore, and the engagement photo albums on facebook aren’t cutting it…for me. I’m not sure they’re working for anyone. In my comic, I’m specifically interested in the feelings of INSANITY. The feeling you get when you meet someone, and you lose your mind (sometimes after only one conversation, one cup of coffee, one kiss). Your world stops, logic stops, normal behavior stops. That kind of feeling has been misleading and false in my experience. In contrast, when I’ve met someone that I slowly develop feelings for, it seems to work out “better” (for lack of a better descriptor). But maybe I’m wrong?

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  1. Miranda says:

    I found you again! Computer went berserk and I lost a lot of important things (of course). I’m very interested in insanity, addiction, insomnia, too much sleeping, and all the things that have entered into my world in the last year. Does your granola cure any of these? Probably!

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