Thanksgiving in review

Turkey prep
*Things the bird was stuffed with.

Thanksgiving is, and has always been, my favorite holiday.

Every thanksgiving, my mom always invited people over who needed a place to go. There were friends who couldn’t travel to see their families, or folks who maybe didn’t even have families to spend the holiday with. We always had amazing company on Thanksgiving, and I’ve tried to keep that tradition alive as an adult. I guess it’s called an “orphan thanksgiving.” The whole point of this holiday, for me, is to eat incredibly delicious and colorful fall foods, and to share that food with other people, in a cozy, warm and fun environment. This year, all of that happened. We had a great group of people, and we even had 3 last minute arrivals. I’m pretty sure everyone left full.

Here is our thanksgiving in pictures (click on any to see them larger).
The star of the evening was the kale salad. The other food didn’t suck, but something about this salad, well, it was special. It’s also a good companion to rich and hearty food. I’ll post a recipe soon.

Prep list
Prep list! (Things I’ve learned from being a personal chef).

Before the oven
Before the oven!

Candied yams
Yams are more important to me than mashed potatoes (controversial opinion). Here they are dressed in their glorious syrup and spices (prior to baking).

Green beans
Green beans with miso and almonds I was inspired by, and only slightly altered THIS recipe from Bon Appetit

Turkey out of oven
Cooked Bird.

Turkey, done
Cooked Bird, from the side (prettier).
*This bird came out super moist, but not mushy. The aromatics really helped.

Holding meat
*Han always takes a picture of me holding the meat.

Stuffing. Never in the bird. This is my own vegetarian recipe with: roasted chestnut, apples, leeks, fennel, onion, and loads of herbs.

Kale salad
Aforementioned super star: Raw Kale Salad.

Plate of food
Colorful Plate!

Meal time
Full table!

Turkey mostly gone

Empty Plate
Aftermath 2.

Pies and such
Dessert, of course.

Pie, coffee, tea, conversation.

Apple Cranberry Pie
Apple Cranberry Pie, baked the day before.

LA Fall
Even LA has fall.

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