AFter the extreme pleasure of hearing Vito Acconci lecture on his transition from being America’s most masturbating conceptual artist (“Sea Bed,” 1972, eight hours a day, for five days) to designing a camoflauge memorial to the WTC (a building that “already looks exploded”, so that terrorists will fly by) (not designed in bad faith, by the way… dark humor is more like it, and incredible humanity wrapped in the actual functions of the exploded building–his art is very populist), and hearing the beautiful rhythmic tics in his stutter (this conceptual city atop a trash heap in Tel Aviv “overlooks… over… overlooks the Medi- the Medi- the Mediterranean”) (but in a Bronx brogue and wearing sunglasses), I have decided that I am a mermaid.
Also, I would like to say word up to the Penny Press boys Curt and Mikey for making me this PENNY PRESS MOVABLE TYPE WEBLOG and also point out that the previously mentioned Monsieur Acconci started his career by writing poetry, and questioning the different ways the words could travel across the page, the page being a field to be journeyed across. Today, Penny Press movable type weblog; tomorrow, tapdancing atop the Empire State Building! Everything is totally possible, you just have to figure out how.

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