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from raptivism records:
NEW YORK, NY. (November 18, 2003) Raptivism has announced plans to distribute “Wholistic Living For The Hip Hop Generation” for the first time on DVD format. The film, produced over several years by Brooklyn-based activist Supa Nova Slom, features candid conversations with Badu, Common, and stic.man from dead prez on diet and health practices.
Slom states,”it’s a blessing and a prayer answered to collaborate with Raptivism Records on bringing forth the DVD edition of the holistic wellness movement. I feel our partnership will edutain the hearts and minds of the hip-hop generation the world over. Revolution is in the healing and we don’t stop, heal hip-hop.”
“We’re really excited as a company to do this first-of-a-kind DVD release, targetting the dietary health of the hip hop generation,” said Vincent Merry, President of Raptivism Records.
WLHHG will be available internationally in January 27th, 2004.
I just keep thinking of the funny interview w/Andre 3000, Erykah’s ex, in YRB mag, where the writer’s all like, “Erykah turned Common into a hippie!”
Anyway, according to Ashok, my hook up man over at raptivism, they will be discussing a new diet in the video called “Chlorophyllian,” which apparently involves green foods. I can get with green foods, they are recommended by my colon therapist, she has an entire shelf in her fridge dedicated to them.
ADDENDUM 11/25/03 (not a new entry because I would then have to retitle this weblog “COMMON & ERYKAH,” existing exclusively of dumb stuff about their relationship but so anyway–I was at the gym reading the Oct 2003 issue of Honey Magazine, which is actually a pretty decent magazine, all things considered, with mini-articles about politics and presidential candidates and an article titled “Sexual Assault /= Ho,” about how the author overheard women vilifying Kobe’s alleged victim for being a ho, and how that’s terrible for obvious reasons–a kind of editorial pep talk for the sisterhood. So anyway, in regards to the issue of Erykah and Common being hippies: Wendy Williams, the radio gossip lady, interviewed Common the month before and he’d said he and Erykah never ever had sex. So this month she was interviewing Erykah and asked her, straight-up, do you and Common ever have sex? And Erykah responded [paraphrased], “Actually, we don’t, I am involved in a three-way relationship with M1 and stic.man from dead prez, and the only person I sleep with is Andre 3000.” She discussed this for the whole interview until the gossip lady figured out she was b.s.ing her. The moral of this story: it is rude to ask people you don’t know about their sex life, and it is funny when they tease you for doing so. The other moral is that when I spend a lot of time at the gym, I learn gossip about celebrities. Cause it’s no fun to read texts on the cross trainer, people! You could puke or something.

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  1. saeid edward says:

    but wun hunnid: i kinda believed the 3way lovefest at first

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