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Also, some back history on lowrider culture (which is rooted in post-WWII Mexican migrant worker’s necessity, as an outgrowth of then-emerging American car culture, and a mimicking of paseos.) Cesar Chavez, it must be noted, really did drive a 1940 Chevy with the back-end chopped & lowered; he also began wearing zoot suits after it developed unfairly-earned negative connotations. Disturbed by 1. presence of US Army at car shows (“Yo Soy El Army” = selective bilingualism) 2. lady-portrayal in magz like Lowrider; I used to joke I was putting hydraulics on my Honda Civic wagon and airbrushing a supine, abnormally endowed honey-man across the hood, as counterstatement to all the boobed-out lowriders at the car show.
But I will not.
In fact, if you live in Portland, and want to purchase my non-low Honda Civic wagon, please email. I am tired of cars.

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  1. jck says:

    the zoot suit riots in la were crazy, read about that stuff in a book

  2. jck says:

    ps brown guys are sex objects already, didn’t you see them pictures?

  3. jck says:

    this aint got nothing to do with low riders but everyone should read this boook:
    What Makes a Man: 20 Writers Imagine the Future by Rebecca Walker
    she’s talking about the making of masculinity and the idea for the book, as per her interview came from this convo with her 11 year old son;
    Let’s talk about the new book first. Where’d the idea come from?
    One night my son — this dynamic, interesting 11-year-old who loves chess and snowboarding and sci-fi — turned to me and said, “You think I should play sports so girls will like me?” I reacted the way I would have if I had a daughter who’d asked, “Should I pretend I’m dumb so boys will like me?”
    later in the interview:
    In your intro you call on women to help men reconfigure masculinity. You say, “If we want men to be different we must eroticize that difference.” What do you mean?
    Women say we want these integrated, beautiful, sweet men. Then we run off with the macho guy. All these years of feminism and we’re still looking for the knight in shining armor. There’s a way in which our impulses haven’t caught up with our intellect. What I’m saying is, we know that men are often socialized in their sexuality through pornography. I can eroticize this table if I work hard enough at it. Well, women need to flex that power and begin to eroticize what’s truly healthy for us and for our partners.
    And then I thought, thats why Nerds are sexy. Eroticizing the difference.

  4. Mikey says:

    Fi and I saw an amazing documnetary on the Zoot Suit riots on PBS. I had never heard about them before that!

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