the hunt for the blood orchid

Even at 6 am PST, World’s Greatest Ex/Pug Trader Ezra Ace is slinging zingers:
“Did Fat Joe lick his shoe? Did he lick Cam’ron’s shoe? Interracial gay licking: the future of hip-hop.”
ANSWER: Is that Hollywood Montrose on the “Get ‘Em Girl” chorus?
I’m sure the fellows will better summarize it, but I will say one thing: you know that majestic woman who sings the “Killa Cam” aria? Yeah… it’s a dude. With long, silken locks. And a light grey, shiny suit. And expressive hands.
Also: Sizzurp glowsticks.

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2 Responses to the hunt for the blood orchid

  1. steven gerard says:

    i am a gay american. And g-friend we ALL love our Hollywood Monstrose. But we all know Andrew McCarthy was the REAL homo, is alls I am SAYIN.
    now step back an let me do the Rockaway.

  2. brittany says:

    is there really an Orchid called the Blood Orchid?

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