stupid like a fox

Here’s tomorrow’s most interesting/fun RNC protest event, organized, unsurprisingly, by the lovely brave ingenues of Code Pink:
Fox News “Shut-up-a-thon”
Tuesday, Aug 31 @ 04:00 PM
2 hours
Location: 1211 Ave of the Americas bet. 47th & 48th
Join Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in shouting, “Shut up!”(his favorite line) in front of Fox’s corporate HQ. You won’t want to miss the spectacular moves of the “Fox News Republican Cheerleaders” – guaranteed to leave you stupefied*
Brought to you by CODEPINK, Houston Global Awareness, Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane, The Tejas Bloc and more.
*An Oct. 2003 study by the University of Maryland found that people who rely on the Fox News Channel as their main news source are wildly misinformed about key issues regarding the Iraq war and that the more they watch, the more misinformed they are.

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8 Responses to stupid like a fox

  1. Not Pathetic says:

    You people are so pathetic it’s not even funny. There’s one channel that doesn’t kiss the left wing’s ass and you throw a fit about it.
    Of course, this comment will be deleted.

  2. hello says:

    To “Not Pathetic,”
    Fox is a piece of crap. Too bad you’re too deluded to see it. Have fun munching on the feces they feed you. You’re just the type of viewer they like – dumb.

  3. jck says:

    bill oreilly reads this blog?

  4. juanita says:

    Get over yourself, Bill; I don’t even delete comment spam.

  5. d k says:

    You guys fricking suck the big one! Yeah, huge!
    George W. rocks!

  6. d k says:

    Yeah, like Kerry is a winner!
    He looks like a long-faced sugar monkey

  7. dk says:

    Yeah, FoxNews rocks too!
    The only time you get BOTH sides!
    Dems and Reps (unbiased)
    unlike CNN,ABC, (NBC)!!!!!

  8. jck says:

    dk you totally make so much sense. the entire world is against rich white men, which is why they have so little power and influence in proportion to their numbers

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