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NOTICE: Lest anyone else confuse the origin of the word “binoculars” and attribute it to persons of lesser slanguistic dexterity, let it be known that I am ground zero binoculars. I birthed it naturally; it is the product of a union between my masterful West Coast Valley Girl Intelligentsia speak with newfound East Coast 6 am smoove. Clock me at 100, putas.
FEMINISTING: Remy Ma is flexing feminist basics in the Chingy episode of XXL, including the following passage on admiring Queen Latifah’s artistic versatility:
“RM: “…I was just so impressed, because she went from hip-hop to an Oscar nomination.”
INTERVIEWER: That’s bugged.
RM: “Why is that bugged?” Remy cops a quick attitude. “Because she’s a woman? Nobody ever says it’s bugged when Ice Cube is doing his Hollywood thing. Because he’s a guy, is that why it’s not bugged?…. It’s not your fault you believe that, it’s society that makes men think they rule the world.”
It’s always somewhat encouraging when wave-2 politickin’ wedges itself betwixt apple bottom ads and groupie luv in stripper bathing suits, especially coming from someone as respected as Remy.
DRAMA: I don’t need to tell you about R Kelly’s nervous breakdown at Madison Square Garden. This, after his own Mariah-with-the-hot-dog-cart. It’s an episode of Passions and because it’s the masked marauder, I relish every second.
SCENARIO: a man wearing a black tie emblazoned with white treble clefs, accompanied by a shitty battery-generated AIWA stereo in a shopping cart, blasting Aerosmith’s “Without You” at 4 am in Chelsea. During the climactic breakdown, when S. Tyler wails his pain, tie dude hurls a full 40-oz of MGD into the street, and it shatters at the exact moment of the drum solo, for some karaoke-video retribution, for his musically busted heart.
REVIEW: The movie Saw is A. not scary and B. scripted on day three of a coke binge.
NOW PLAYING: The Beauty Pill, The Unsustainable Lifestyle. V/A, Lif Up Yuh Leg an Trample. <a href="http://www.nicenice.net" Nice Nice, Yesssss. Isis, Panopticon.
***ALBANY COUNTY DA RACE: If you happen to be voting in Albany County, NY. David Soares, the DA candidate for whom I’ve done some volunteer work (gracias to Mizzes E. Mendez Berry and A. Solomon), is running on the platform of Rockefeller drug laws reform; this is important especially because the Albany county DA affects what goes on in the capital and across the state–and the RDLs result in hard time for first-time drug offenders, often garnering them longer sentences than murderers and rapists. This site has lots of info.

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  1. jck says:

    i don’t really know much about the waves of feminism, could you explain them? if not thats cool.

  2. matt wright says:

    holy crap! you have the new nice nice? how is it?

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