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you need beauty

Months ago Antony, at the Antony & the Johnsons EP release, wore a furry Peter Pan hat which made him look like Errol Flynn; he plopped it on his round, luxurious hair-head right after Boy George left the stage for … Continue reading

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three-card monte

So necessary: Lynne D Johnson on the long-running tradition of feminist hip-hop criticism. She also posts an amazing bell hooks article I’d never seen before (THANK YOU Lynne).

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thanksgiving-20s crisis

Drug post: Took 2 Nautamine (french equivalent of Dramamine) to curb the rickety-barfing side effects of the Thksgiving train from New Haven, and I am feeling fiiiiiine. This woozy anti-anxiety, plus thxgiving with the loveliest family ever, plus emails from … Continue reading

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bananas for protein

I will now make a case for the unfairly vilified full Tofurkey feast: product of Oregon (of course), offered in the freezer section of your local vegetarian foodstore around this time of year. I love it for its visual element: … Continue reading

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chiefs o’ the morning

Except for good old T.I., who is charismatic and the ladies LARVE, and the fact of Juvenile et crew bringing up an eight-year-old in full army fatigues to join in on the chorus of “Slow Motion” (“Oh! I like it … Continue reading

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Those curious from the Times should click here. Geffen execs: for reasonably priced feminist consulting, holla.

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i don’t play those silly chicken games

Presenting the same gift to two different people is a weak move; at the very least, it reveals a lack of imagination. So I did not make Chris a diorama, though he deserves a Dipset installation piece or a dunk … Continue reading

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I’ve discussed Rhythm & Gangsta with around 4-5 people. WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED SNOOP ENCOURAGING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON “Can U Control Yo Hoe”?!?!?! ADDENDUM. Some of the language in “Can You Control Yo Hoe” mirrors exactly the language abusers … Continue reading

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hi soda

Streaming Gwen Stefani solo album, Love, Angel, Music, Baby. Fireworky, but too many cooks in the kitchen. “Bubble Pop Electric” is theeeeeee weirdo-’50s jam. Gwen drops R. Kelly-worthy sexaphor at the crux of the bridge, when she sings “take me … Continue reading

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strictly bee’s knees

I love Dave Tompkins. For one, cause he dropped a Folkways “NYC Jumprope Songs of the ’70s” record midway thru a bass set, with no warning. He did this whilst DJing a party in Ft Greene, for someone who shared … Continue reading

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