i don’t play those silly chicken games

Presenting the same gift to two different people is a weak move; at the very least, it reveals a lack of imagination. So I did not make Chris a diorama, though he deserves a Dipset installation piece or a dunk competition in Prospect Park. Instead I made him a disaster survival kit, which included a small wrench (for protection) and a little toy whose head bobbles as the earth begins to quake. I hope it can somehow make up for the setback, and Ben Wallace’s excessive punishment.

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  1. elqdagr8 says:

    “Ben Wallace’s excessive punishment”?
    I would have benched his azz the whole season for making millions and not buying a comb and some Pink Luster spray.
    Can a nikka get a chair at Latifah’s Beauty Shop? Hook that shit up a little bit? I live in upstate ny and some of these white boys are a tad racist and say some really foul shit about the boy. I can’t be to mad at them either when he goes out of the house like that!
    Big up to Kobe Bryant for showing America that goodie two shoes shit didn’t fool nobody! Peep Nas’ joint “Coon Picnic” at allhiphop.com, that’s what up!

  2. julianne says:

    I wrote about his excessive punishment when I thought he got suspended for eternity w/the other dudes… I mean yeah, the Artest-baiting deserves benching and like, a thousand rosaries, but considering he didn’t wail on any fans, sending him to the dungeon with the Pacers felt slightly extra.
    The fan who bumrushed the court, though.. that guy should get dunced then fined.

  3. L says:

    the fan who ran on the court needs help, i’m 6’4 and smart enuff not to step to NBA players. dumb…
    the thing i can’t wrap my mind around is if i was a multimillionaire i’d be peace, always.

  4. Not Chauncey says:


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