Those curious from the Times should click here.
Geffen execs: for reasonably priced feminist consulting, holla.

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  1. tinkey says:

    woah. check you out. all fit to print and stuff.

  2. hason says:

    Damn, J-Shep, blog-checked by the ancient grey lady herself! Props and congrats to you.

  3. will says:

    Congrats on the Timesean name drop–that is SO what’s up.
    Thanks for the linky-ness.

  4. Hashim says:

    Hey, I refenced you first!!
    Anyway…let the word spread.

  5. jck says:

    I think its apropos that the same comments section in which you deleted an article on how we all as americans need to come to terms with all the death going on is the one you got referenced by the Times.

  6. jshepherd says:

    You double-posted. The link is still in the other comments section! I deleted for repetition.
    HASHIM: shouted me out originally, no.1. Gracias!

  7. jck says:

    i thought it should go out as much as possible but understand your reasoning.
    its a very good article btw. national mourning period for all the deaths — 1st step acknowledge we have a problem, 2nd step, make amends to those we can. Yay us! lets heal!

  8. Matos W.K. says:

    good work on speaking up, good work for K to point it out

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