u want list? i give u list.

Top 20 Tracks Most Listened To During the Hours of 10 am-6 pm Weekdays, according to the iTunes “Play Count” function on JS’ work computer, Aug-Dec 2004, based largely on the catalogue available to me via my job.
(Or, What Does It Mean That I Love So Many Prodigy Tracks?)
1. “Tick Tock” by Alchemist featuring Nas and Prodigy, 27 times
* Nas, on a half-crap verse, rhymes herb/word yet again, but reconciles it with his lustily sung chorus; thank you Nasty. Now explain to me how I get my “tits hot from this hip-hop.” Like, would this be an isolated incident? My tits heat up while the rest of my body stays at room temperature? Does the L I have just lit keep my chest area warm? Do I lean over the heater? Dear Mr. Wizard, I really want to know.
2. “Do it for You” by Slim Thug; 20 times
* What i like about the above two songs together: they’re the summer-hot, sticky soul that is my steely. Love songs to place and time rendered with equal melancholy (the latter about fantasy, the former about reality), heavily apparent in the production–you can hear the NY humidity making overcast in the Queensbridge joint, with Prodigy in subtly desperate appeal for the listener to believe his truth. Meanwhile, on s.thugga’s number, after he sears through every second of verse so breezy blue, the synth fragment in the break is Houston-hot, the kind of car-reflection hot that can burn out your retinas.
3. “It’s a Craze” by Alchemist feat. Mobb Deep; 12 times
*In this episode, our boy Al has positioned himself at the helm of Dr. Who’s radiophonic workshop, left dusty by the Neptunes, for isolated gravity-free synths at the top of the range. Handclaps slice right through the bass. He overlays with filtered arena cheers at the end, so there’s this strange, dual-vertigoed feeling of being alone in a small room watching a blow-out party through a crystal ball. the track kinda bends at the corners and refracts.
4. “The Poverty of Philosophy” Immortal Technique, 12 times
* inspiration.
5. I’ve Just Begun Having my Fun” Britney Spears; 11 times
* Bloodshy & Avant, producers, have no qualms with hitting the “strings” setting on the synth mid-track… bet they’re familiar with techniques of classical composition. (I surmise this based not on the strings, but on the gentle/playful tug-of-war between each instrument.) I even believe I love Britney’s voice in this song; she’s vamping kinda gritty, lyrics about sowing her oats as she simultaneously embarks on her first (and hopefully not last!) marriage. For selfish reasons, I also hope she keeps up her camel lite habit, gets deep and gravelly like Joni and Marianne by the time she’s 52.
6. “Peachfuzz” by KMD; 11 times
7. “What a Nigga Know?” by KMD; 11 times
8. “Who Me?” by KMD; 11 times
* peace to KMD, subroc RIP, extra special love to jody watley.
9. “Star Bellied Boy” by Bikini Kill; 9 times
* Kathleen Hanna on her finest caterwaul.
10. “Oh!” by Sleater Kinney; 8 times
* was one beat slept on? i have no idea; i was living in portland when it was released, and the city practically threw a friggin parade. it’s their most hopeful album (with songs written right after corin tucker gave birth to her first baby, so I’d be worried if it were otherwise) and this increasingly ecstatic chorus: “nobody lingers like your hands on my heart/nobody figures me like/ you figure me out.. don’t worry/you got it!” makes it all sound so simple. maybe it is.
11. “Strawberry Julius” by Bikini Kill 7 times
* KH channels at least 7 different vocalists, and it’s a revolt/take-back-the-night song about abuse and healing. My favorite BK song ever.
12. “Hold you Down,” by Illa Ghee, Prodigy, Alchemist, Nina Sky 7 times
13. “Thun & Kicko” by Cormega + Prodigy 7 times
14. “You know how I do” by Taking Back Sunday 7 times
* does emo have its own seperate language? I’m not talking about the language of the oppressor or whatever, nor am I talking about teen-language on relationship melodrama. I mean: there is a whole common dialect for emo singers. It’s part The O.C., part disenfranchised white mallrats, part novocaine drawl and 100% dramatic overemphasis on vowels. The TBS singer dude epitomizes it here, in this song, impassioned chorus: “WE-ee. Won’t Sta-annd fooah. HA-azy EYES ANYMOOOOOOOAH.” Real earnest-like. I generally dislike Taking Back Sunday, but this song (and this song only) makes me feel small for ever having the “emo is disingenuous” thought. (Vict’ry records, maybe. Taking Back Sunday, I don’t know. Ezra, if you’re reading, feel free to argue.)
15. “Graduation Rap” by Vanilla, Jade & Ebony (from the ghost world soundtrack) 6 times
* this could only come from the twisted mind of the great dan clowes. It’s 32 seconds long bass track ode to high school graduation and becoming “members of the general population.”
16. “Funky Mule” – Ike & Tina Turner, 5 times
* My friend JB is constantly searching for the world’s funkiest bassline, this instrumental contains one of them. It’s in the break, as well it should be; the guitar makes a little triad melody, like nanny-nanny-boo-boo, and is answered with a walking bass so glass-breakingly, guts-deep in the funk.
17. “This whole funky world is a ghetto” – Bobby Patterson 5 times
18. “Turn off the radio” DPZ, 5 times
I vote yes on DPZ cribbing old production and dropping radio-ready revolutionary beats.
19. Gwen STefani “What You waiting for ” Jacques lu cont remix, 5 times
* jacques makes a mediocre song great just by simplifying and switching keys. better and more new order in quality than the actual new order-assisted song on gwen’s full alb.
20. “All that + A Bag of Chips (strings remix)” Hil St Soul, 4 times
* Sasha recently told me he could always rely on me for his second-rate R&B needs. I took it as a compliment.

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  1. Mikey says:

    You need to join Audio Scrobbler
    Then join the UrbanHonking group:

  2. l says:

    i want the g.stefani remix now!

  3. Get Up! says:

    Dunno if One Beatr was slept on, I think it was regarded with just the right amount of awake-ness.
    But The Hot Rock, hoo boy. That was slept on like Craftmatic. Amazing, complicated, angry, tuneful, noisy album, their third excellent record in a row, and the first (and only) where they really fucked with their sound. That album got me through some weird times.

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