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“i treat you right/you talk slick/i beat you right”-Notorious BIG

My dear friend Elizabeth Mendez Berry has published a milestone of a piece in the Stefani/Pharrell issue of Vibe mag, hitting stands forthwith. It is an investigation into the facts of domestic violence and hip-hop, correlates between one who raps … Continue reading

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It was blizzarding all weekend, so I stayed inside, because Jessica warned me that blizzards are like armistice–9 mos later, babies come out. having no interest in actual reproduction at this present time i stayed alone and left my apartment … Continue reading

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not my movie

______ got laid and found his passion again. He is playing Bach on the Casio, high-pitched trills and all, as we speak. It sounds like he is scoring the Fun House.

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the way home

My Tia Andrea and my grandmother Guadalupe were curanderas; Aztec-desended healers whose general practice was integration of the body and soul, and the curing of both. When my cousins or I had a headache, we would not be fed aspirin; … Continue reading

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Because of this, I am subscribing to vanity fair and getting a television.

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worst president ever

Mainstream newsmags misrepresentating inaugural protests: quelle surprise, I know. But after some digging, I noticed here, Yahoo acknowledges in a photocaption there were thousands in DC today. Also, there is a great, hopeful piece in the Jan 31 issue of … Continue reading

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conor wha? conor who? (or, maybe it’s the booze)

The New Dylan. or at least, she could be touted as much by phallocratic prognosticators looking for a new one, probably. or rather, who is bob dylan, anyway? i haven’t even read his book yet. What I really want to … Continue reading

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the curse of the longest day

Jacques Lu Cont on Martin Luther King, Jr.

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welcome to stop/coward with claws

“They say, ‘ergot, ergot. We have no home, except the one that makes us stop and say this is where the weathered wear lines like armour. And every clock is like another widowed mother born to suffer, so we scream … Continue reading

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like a sturdy red wagon built for carrying orchids

Outro: in backwards form, forward, backwards, forward or backwards. The end and the beginning overlap. Hale wisdom says to fling it far and strong like a frisbee, not a boomerang, and then, and then, there will be only silence, me, … Continue reading

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