welcome to stop/coward with claws

“They say, ‘ergot, ergot. We have no home, except the one that makes us stop and say this is where the weathered wear lines like armour. And every clock is like another widowed mother born to suffer, so we scream bloody murder! failure playing martyr! and now we wait for the orders.’ We are hostage to the ebb and flow. I can’t lie, i got potshots lined up. so bright they’ll blind you. red tape so they can’t trace us. we remain nameless. Turn the page cause you just got famous. Sabatoge or serenade. Slowing to a pace not fit for your appraisal. Lay down your sword and be thankful biding time for idle rifles is a trick without a trade. So welcome to stop.”
“you buried your fangs in the heart of their braun. but learning to kill is not fighting a cause. it’s more like a life as a coward with claws. You’re a calloused carcass, but it means that you can never scratch the surface or subject others to the hell of your life, and I know why. Here’s a warning: leave the room without a bruise before she imbibes. Because she gets drunk off fear but it leaves her mouth with a bitter taste. And because this clatch will never last she is bound to burn and bound to slash and burn away.”
Joseph Thomas Haege, with love and apologies from the editor

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  1. tlo says:

    When Joe sings “turn the page, ’cause you just got famous,’ it sends shivers down my spine every single time. That moment is in my top 10 31knots moments of all time.
    That’s all I have to say. Thanks.

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