worst president ever

Mainstream newsmags misrepresentating inaugural protests: quelle surprise, I know. But after some digging, I noticed here, Yahoo acknowledges in a photocaption there were thousands in DC today.
Also, there is a great, hopeful piece in the Jan 31 issue of The Nation this week by Jenny Toomey and Rob Rosenthal putting the music/youth movement in historical context. It’s not online but this line resonated with me in particular: “The cultural division we hear so much about is not a reflection of a gaping difference in the real interests of blues and reds, but the ability of some to frame those interests in ways the speak to divisions instead of mutual concerns, that play on fear and loathing instead of hope and respect. Music has the ability to speak across divides. Surely, we need that now more than ever.”

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  1. Alex says:

    Haven’t read the article, but I want to now. I know everyone had their own take on the implications of the election results (America’s moral divide/Dems out of touch, etc.) It was especially head-spinning having just moved from Jersey to DC (where it seems everybody’s got an opinion AND an agenda). I honestly still don’t really know what to think. Hard to be optimistic.
    Kinda off topic, but I vaguely remember seeing Jenny Toomey at Mercury Lounge a few years ago and enjoying it. Heard “Antidote” is good. Suggested Toomey listening?

  2. Travis says:

    I saw an American map graphic that depicted the electoral results of the last election by precinct, but didn’t use a pointillistic red-blue representation system. Each little precinct was actually a color somewhere between red and blue, which represented the results of each precinct. So a 50/50 spot was purple.
    The result, of course, was less a jagged red-blue jigsaw puzzle and more a swirl.
    Most of the country was a shade of purple, be it a bluish royal or a warm ruddy indigo. There were solid blue or red blobs but they were not dominant.
    So I would suggest that the red state/blue state thing is something of a myth that suits the pea brains of media types, who really can’t handle any narrative more complex than Luke vs. Darth Vader.
    Hope this was Toomey’s point…

  3. one year old man says:

    Best Simpsons Reference ever!
    We were watching the protests on CNN, and it was all “yo, tell us more about the wonderful cadillac that mr. president is all up in”, so we switched it to CSPAN, and it was all late-twenty-something rage in the form of rhyming couplets. Mostly, of course, rhyming couplets blow (see: hey bush we know you/ your daddy was a killer too”. oh, im soooo confronted…)
    But one sign, one statement, stood head and shoulders above the rest; Worst President Ever. Even those unfamiliar with Comic Book Guy’s trademark cadence can appreciate the linguistic monolith-osity of a verbless clause. Like a modern beer company slogan, the phrase could have periods after each word and the meaning would be unchanged (cold. down. easy = worst. president. ever.)

  4. jck says:

    people in every single country in the world would be ok with jacking other countries if they had the power america has. peru would jack chile if it could. people suck but they pretend they don’t

  5. jim says:

    jck, do you steal things from your friend’s house if they’re not around? Would you hit someone with your car if you knew you’d get away with it? It ain’t all warzone out there, but you can see it like that if you want to oversimplify.

  6. jck says:

    ok this is gonna be easy….
    does your tacit support or lack thereof lead to people being killed, stolen from, and beaten in America and other countries? has it done so for years? Do you look the other way because your own life is comfortable, not hell on earth, and not a war zone?
    there you go

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