“i treat you right/you talk slick/i beat you right”-Notorious BIG

My dear friend Elizabeth Mendez Berry has published a milestone of a piece in the Stefani/Pharrell issue of Vibe mag, hitting stands forthwith. It is an investigation into the facts of domestic violence and hip-hop, correlates between one who raps lines like “[she] get beat like tina” and the actualization of that sentiment, airs the true stories of some of the women who were abused by rap’s most celebrated–most notably Liza Rios, widow of Big Pun, who was brave enough to go on record about her experience, even after being shunned by an industry that, incredibly, held her in contempt for voicing her story. It is devastating and human, the kind of piece that hopefully will spark real dialogue, not a vicious indictment but an insider’s gentle perspective and a wide-angle platform for women who’ve suffered violence at the hands of a lover.
I will post more when I re-read it. But we’re very proud of Lady Ms. M B.

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9 Responses to “i treat you right/you talk slick/i beat you right”-Notorious BIG

  1. Will says:

    I am so addressing this.

  2. l says:

    under the rug swept to light. i respect vibe for this one.

  3. exo says:

    third verse? hits harder than three-day old shit when you actually ‘hear’ it, like 8-Ball in your tapedeck talkin’ bout beatin’ a bitch.

  4. TM says:

    Julianne, I respect your tenacity on this topic. It’s really forced me to pay attention to the issue.

  5. EMB says:

    Wow, Kris. That lyric turned my stomach upside down. Thank you. Have you heard this?
    I knew an Angel once who reminds me of this Jesus.

  6. jck says:

    this topic reminded me that those dj’s in NYC have been making fun of asians, and that correllary. what do you do when you like music and then the dj who was playing it starts hating on your enthicity. its kindof similiar

  7. exo says:

    emb: i’ve never been that jesus, but i have been known to fall to earth with burnt wings and cry out in the ninth hour. life is a difficult experience, you know?

  8. ritchey says:

    Julianne, you are so legit. I think of you often with great admiration and affection.

  9. JIggawhat says:

    What is that dumb latin bitch printing that women revolution for? damn every article this bitch wrote is on some hip hop hatin shit. She makin money writing about hip hop yet she dissing it look U dum bitch fuck off no one gives a fuck about FAshion magazines like VIbe. Those dumb ho’s probably deserved their beatdown.

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