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how i saw a public enemy panel on purpose, and later saw a public enemy performance on accident

JMJ foundation/adidas 35th anniversary superstar kickoff party. i am always this somber at red-carpet events, especially when depressed and underdressed. connie makes up for my brooding roll, non? Poorly focused evidence: Flava, too quick for the camera! There’s a lot … Continue reading

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metareflector, my new art project

I suppose we can’t be mad that Jon no longer breaks language; he’s switched his game to slang-checking his friends’ blogs in the Village Voice. (And he gets paid for that.) This comes after my triumphant MIA review in SPIN … Continue reading

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scribbled/scrabbled note on dance on the fly

More DeVyne Stephens than Darrin’s dance grooves: the man who gave us Usher’s angled body verbology in “Yeah” gets the Cowboyz’n’Poodles award for best choreography in an R&B video for Tyra’s “Country Boy”; for one, it’s a feat for pop … Continue reading

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how i got a video choreography gig and a jamaica lanyard in one night

After watching the All-Star game with Chris “Billups” Ryan, a more entertaining basketball commentater than anyone ever (BCAT, hit him up here) Connie Wohn, Ghettotechmanica, and I hit the grime thing–DJ Cameo from radio 1xtra, who played i think FOUR … Continue reading

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all-[cable] access jamaica

When you have TIVO, you are eating at the all-glitz Vegas style magic-spread buffet of mass television… but you are missing out on Brooklyn Community Access (BCAT), the homemade paper-plate spread at the block party. I have just discovered Jamaican … Continue reading

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oh p.s.

the blogs have not been updated because nearly all the rock-crit bloggers in the tri-state area were at matos’ birthday party last night, in case you were wondering. amazingly, when i woke up this morning, the internet was still there!

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knucking, bucking etc.

fuck a valentine’s day, but my cousin brian has been chronicling the “i love you”s spraypainted across the city, which i think is sweet of him.

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pema chodron and taking stock

i would like to give thx my friends and all people who hold jshep & co close to their hearts, or even those don’t but who live their lives with love and spirit, and holler a heaping womanpile of “eat … Continue reading

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Mark Ibold Rumors: Uncut

Mark Ibold‘s new psych band “Cam’Ron’s Foreskin” may be playing this weekend at the Kitchen, matinee show before the Fawn Kreiger/Wynne Greenwood installation performance. Also, they are new, but because of Mark’s vision and penance in some sort of underground … Continue reading

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I keep forgetting to tell you that my friend Shayla Hason, photographer/DJ extraordinaire, has a photoblog. (As does Chas Bowie, the best [retired?] art critic in Portland, Oregon.) Shayla’s been posting photos of Portland/vicinity musicians all week, including J.Ho/JShep PazznJop … Continue reading

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