Pazz and Jop time again… which means… time to be reminded that a lot of man-critics are jealous of Amy Phillips! I don’t blame them, she is a great lady who writes from her heart and in clear language; I could see her being a good Times critic one day. I very much relate to what she said about not wanting to listen to music on Nov 3.
Also, Jimmy Draper is awesome for being one of the only male critics in the Pazz and Jop whose ballots are disproportionately led by female artists. I know he did not vote for representation–imagine, someone liking lady voices–but I will say this: so what if he did? We could use more politics / statements of purpose in the music-listings, especially if Brian Wilson’s toupee is going to place first or second every year.
I didn’t send comments, because the one thing I felt compelled to write just seemed funnier in email–about cam’ron, sociopathy, nihilism… and that if i owned my own rap magazine, funded entirely from dollars i receive for everytime someone finds my blog googling “is cam’ron gay,” I would not let one iota of Cam’ron’s right-wing penis all up in it.
Cam’ron would not even get a photocopy of his foreskin in my rap magazine.
It’s amazing how many of my straight man-friends FREAK OUT when I say the word “foreskin.”
also, Jessica is here and wanted me to tell you the story about the time I was interviewing Dizzee Rascal, asked him if he owned any pets. Missing no beats, he responded, “I got an alligator in my pants.”

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  1. Will says:


  2. Mark Ibold says:

    I hope you are not making fun of my new band already, Julianne, we have not played a show. Please let us get a head start. I hope it is just coicidence. My pal Gabe came up with the name – I do not know who Cam’Ron is hardly. Gary was always the one into hip hop and trend music.
    Love the blog – long time reader, first time poster.
    Mark Ibold

  3. jck says:

    ain’t nothing wrong with being natural

  4. Albert says:

    Hey Mark – (or whoever knows), Is there any idea when we might see a Cam’Ron’s Foreskin record?

  5. Mattieu Moreau says:

    i’m trying to get in touch with you Mark Ibold …
    i’m working on a project, I already have positive answers by Mark Arm (Mudhoney) ,Barry 7 (Add N To X), Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwaï), Jean-Jacques Burnel (The Stranglers), Charlemagne Palestine, Rhys Chatham, Cosey F Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), Mark Cunningham (MARS), Ana Da Silva ( The Raincoats), David Gedge (The wedding Present), Andrew Gill (Gang Of Four), Michael Girra (The Swans), Jennifer Heremma (Royal Trux), Herman Düne, Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata), Jonathan Kane (Swans), KAS Product, Daniel Johnston, Marlene Marder (Liliput), Glenn Mercer (The Feelies), Dieter Moebius (Cluster), The Nomads, Stephen Pastels (The Pastels), Mark Perry (Sniffin‚ Glue Fanzine), Pram, Michael Rotter (Neu !, Kraftwerk), Salaryman, John Sinclair (MC5 Manager / White Panthers), Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3/ E.A.R), Mayo Thompson (Red Krayola), Daniel Tracey (TV personalities), Ari Up ( The Slits), Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500/Luna), Mike Watt (Minutemen / fIREHORSE), Doug Yule (The Velvet Underground) …
    can you please get back to me at this adress : mattieu@q-tape.com
    hope to hear from you soon,

  6. You are out! says:

    Anyone who has ever run into the real Mark Ibold knows he would never use an e-mail abbreviation like “btw<” or even the word “blog.” And signing off “Mark Ibold, Manhattan”???? Hah!

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