I keep forgetting to tell you that my friend Shayla Hason, photographer/DJ extraordinaire, has a photoblog. (As does Chas Bowie, the best [retired?] art critic in Portland, Oregon.) Shayla’s been posting photos of Portland/vicinity musicians all week, including J.Ho/JShep PazznJop ballot superstar Randy Jones aka Caro of the Little Pretty Pony, Rock & Roll Camp for Girls superstars The Bookworms [is that Io of The Black Peppercorns we see?]; Decemberists guitarist superstar Chris “The” Funk; and Misfit Massive superstars Libretto and Wolverine. I am sure that you will agree Shayla is a talented lady.

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  1. matt says:

    agreed. and rilly rilly nice too!

  2. hason says:

    thank you mami for the shoutouts. Many C&P peeps have come my way, even from Iceland. Right now it’s ladies take over style, digging through the stacks for pix of fine female musicmakers. today featuring two-thirds of Sleater-Kinney. Oh yeah also, party at my house-tonight! Get in yer transporter and come on over–I promise to play the killer trax so fierce they will float on the jet stream all the way to brooklyn.

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